SBS Open

February 12, 2008

 Played an early round and practiced a bit. That’s enough.

Patience is a virtue: For all those who can’t wait to see if their favorite was one of the lucky ones to qualify, a little forbearance is essential. The complete list of scores are not posted till the day after and I have a bit of work to do (like looping) before I may get a copy and post on my site.

The magic touch? Rick “The Nerd” is putting together quite an astonishing Monday qualifier record. He brought in Allison Hanna yesterday with a 69 and had four qualifiers last season out of eight tries.

A fine time for a fine: Knowing that the longer she waited, the line on the first tee may grow out of hand and her practice round may seem like 27 holes instead of 18. So instead of waiting for her caddie “Motion” at their prearranged time, Helen Alfredson teed it up without him for two holes and toted the sack herself. This is a no-no under LPGA rules and may cost her a few dinero.

Speaking of rules and fines: The penalty for a player using a cell phone within the confines of the ropes has been elevated to a whopping $1000!

Tales from the off-season: I’m sure there are many interesting narratives to be told of exploits during our time off the links but one of the best I’ve heard was from seasoned cadero Rick Ried. He landed a job delivering Christmas trees in the LA area and had Kevin Costner and Dennis Miller as two of his clients.

Another gem was my player Dina corralling a couple 50 yd line tickets to the Super Bowl and watching her Giants pull off the upset.

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