SBS Open

Round one is in the books and we managed to get it in the red at one under. Dina hit the snot out of it which had our club selection a bit of a guessing game. Practice rounds are never much of a barometer for Dina, with this week being no exception, but she must have added a few yards with her extreme off-season regimen.šŸ˜‰

Speaking of extra length, we played with Johanna Head and according to her caddie Billy, is getting 20+ on her tee balls.

Two and out: That’s the servings of java ‘Coffee Joe’ is limited to since his cardiac wake-up call. On top of that, no smokey-smokies are permitted. At least he still has sex.

New look for Natalie: Check out Natalie Gulbis’ new website. Easy on Flash but no shortage of cash.

Where does that checkmark go again? Usually, it takes awhile for this to happen but why not get it over with. Sung Ah Yim forgot to sign-up for this event and was forced to endure the rigors of Monday qualifying. She didn’t make it. Her caddie came out OK though picking up Ji-Yai Shin.

New rules on the books: Check out the changes here. I’ll also have a link under the “Tour Stuff” category.

Trivia question: Believe it or not, the archaic (but still popular in the islands) TV series Hawaii Five-O and the LPGA has something that binds them together. Know what it is? Answer tomorrow.

Got a have it:Ā Instead of a print shirt orĀ someĀ diminutive replica of an outrigger canoe to remind you of the islands, how about something truly unique?Ā Ā The Hawaiian Chair will keep the memories or your visitĀ fresh at hand and will surely break the boredom of a nine-to-five desk job. Wonder if I can have one fitted to my car?

2 Responses to SBS Open

  1. Alan says:

    That’s hilarious. When the commercial started I thought it was a toilet built in the chair šŸ™‚

  2. Hound Dog says:

    I see your off at 12:30 today (fifth group from hole #1). Hope to see you guys on Golf Channel tonight!

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