Fields Open-Kapolei HI

February 19, 2008

We were on the tee well before sunrise and rightly so, the line started early with Morgan Pressell, playing as a single, leading us off in the dark. We were the first threesome to tee it up but when we made the turn, another group cut in front and Dina gave them ‘what for’ in short order. Teeing off the back once the first group makes the turn is another no-no and rude to boot. Done by 11:15, our group put on the feed bag compliments of our most gracious hosts. Boy, did we put a hurtin’ on the sushi!

Off to class: After we packed-up for the day, I stopped by Dina’s place and put my teaching hat on. First it was Danielle with downloading pictures from a camera, then Dina aranging her favorites and finally Michelle McGann with organizing her quadrillion photos.

More than money: Yesterday’s pro-am drew players such as Natalie Gulbis, Morgan Pressell and defending champ Stacy Prammanasudh which is normally unheard of. I understand it just wasn’t the $2500 stipend for participating that attracted the big names but a request for a little extra effort to schmooze the sponsor.

MIA: That’s the circumstance “The Admiral” (cadero Tom Konapacki) finds himself in at the moment after failing to make the Hawaii trip due to an injured foot. Heard he’s in Prescott AZ on the mend.

Hawaii in the hood? Topping the digs we’ve had the last two years, I found a spot on the ocean once again but with plenty more room and a fantastic view. The only thing that fetches a bit of consternation are the neighbors. The pics below are the real thing.


WW II pillbox to our left.


Quonset hut to our right.


But it’s beautiful right down the middle.

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