Fields Open

February 21, 2008

Another fine opening round for Dina, posting a -4 and having the pleasure of playing with two of the fastest players she’s been paired with in quite awhile.

A little help: I’ve received a few complaints that my old format was more organized especially when looking for a blog on a specific tournament. Since this software is new to me also, I’ve been digging around and found a few things that may help.

Use the search box and enter what you’re looking for. For example, type in “XYZ Tournament” (no quotation marks needed) and all the posts containing XYZ will be found even the qualifiers. If you’d like to save a specific blog in your Favorites, click “Permalink” at the end of the post and it will apear in your adress bar. You may then bookmark it. Renaming the bookmark is another good idea so it has a more detailed explanation. Another thought would be to make a Life on Tour folder in your Favorites and save posts there. You can do it! It’s a piece of cake.

Sweet justice: Dina and Kelli Kuehne have resumed their wagering on birds, eagles and aces-just as last year-but even though Dina is playing well, she’s getting her butt taken to the woodshed. As fate would have it, we’ll see if Kelli’s play is on the up-n-up as she is the first one I know of to get that tap on the shoulder in the scoring tent. Off to the pee-test for you!

Déjà vu all over again: Just like last year, Yu Ping Lin found herself in the precarious position of being first alternate, with not much hope of getting in, and the results was the same. She’s on the sidelines once more. What makes it worse is the withdrawal of Joo Mi Kim after only three holes due to a muscle pull. Oh, so close.

Slipsies: Speaking of injuries, a fractured foot has put Dawn Coe-Jones on the disabled list. Don’t know when she will grace us with her presence once more.

It just never ends: It didn’t take long for one of the Korean patriarchs to get on someones’ s–t list! A demand from transportation, not a request, to be taken from Turtle Bay to Ko Olina last Saturday at a specific time, turned into a six hour fiasco for the driver after stops for a bite to eat, condo check-in, looking for a rental car then back to the condo.  A lesson in manners is sorely needed or a good caning would work also.

Back by popular demand (not really, I just like this one) I’d thought a reprint of an entry of the 2006 Fields Open blog would be appropriate. I’m sure there were a few cases of PB this morning.

New Syndrome? An ailment which seems inherent to professional golf, usually striking rookie or local caddies but occasionally a veteran, is the compulsion to don your caddie bib well in advance of your scheduled tee time. A source of ridicule from fellow bag toters, this malady has failed to draw the attention of prominent mental heath institutions but has not bypassed the keen eye of cadero Jeff Steffler. Breaking new ground in the study of professional loopers, Jeff has coined this unusual condition ‘Premature Bibulation’. There is no known cure but support groups are forming. A prime example of ‘PB’ is shown below.


Katie Futcher’s cadero ‘bibulating’ at 6:05 AM. Tee time 7:15.

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