Fields Open

February 22, 2008

A roller coaster round but finished on a high note with a bird on eighteen and two under for the day.

Do they see the light? Dina was talking with rules official Doug Bretch about the extraordinarily fast play this week and couldn’t figure the reason why. Giving someone two pops never made any difference before so what’s up? All they had to do was ask me. No one wants to be the next snail is the reason.

Powerful stuff: Another great comment on the USS Arizona Memorial. Thanks Pacrim.

Playing it safe: fingers.jpgThe ubiquitous Hawaiian hand gesture of thumb and pinky finger extended, greets us everywhere we go but I’m a bit hesitant to reciprocate for fear of giving them the “one fingered salute” instead due to the deep-rooted conditioning from the mainland.

London Broil? Jeff Steffler’s friend Julie, has traveled half way around the world from London England to hang with “the boys” on her first trip to the islands. Of course, a dip in the ocean was mandatory so it was off to “Pray for Sex” beach to cross one off the to-do list. I think she missed a few spots with the sunscreen


Julie and Jeff  heading for cover.


With a little work, you too can have a body like these.

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