Singapore? No.

February 25, 2008

The title of this post says it all. I’ll not be traveling to Singapore. Probably spend some time in the Phoenix area before heading for Mexico in two weeks.

Good timing: It was as if the weather machine was put into abeyance during our visit to the islands, as we had two glorious weeks, but the torrential rain that preceded us returned yesterday. The course was hammered by a moisture laden squall line and gusty winds. Many of those red numbers would have disappeared if we had to slug it out in that mess. Of course, a few diehards were still playing. they didn’t come to Hawaii to sit in their motel room.

Not that bad after all: The penalty for cell phone use inside the ropes is not as high as first reported, at least not at the beginning. Head the first offense will only set you back a couple hundred but it goes up from there and may eventually hit the $1000 jackpot. I’ve spotted one player that should be well on her way but she hasn’t been caught as of yet.

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