Kraft Nabisco Championship

April 2, 2008

Yesterday, we had the afternoon off after our morning pro-am stint on the Palmer Course and today it was just the opposite as we were alternates from noon to three. We had a bit of a scare yesterday figuring we may be late for our tee time. Kim realized we were on the right side of the tee sheet, which usually means you’re off the tenth tee, but this one was different. The right side meant you were off the Palmer Course but we didn’t figure that out till we were speeding along the third hole while heading for the tenth tee (it’s in the middle of nowhere). Made it back with four minutes to spare.

Going, going, gone! That’s what happened to Nicole Perrot today after whiffing her pro-am tee time. She was DQ’d from our first Major. Heard she just didn’t see her name on the tee sheet. I guess her caddie missed it also? DOH!

One more time: It’s getting silly. Caddies are not allowed on the practice putting green to retrieve chips during the forbidden hours if the green is too busy. What’s considered too busy? If there ‘are more players than holes cut in the green’ is the definition.

Twins update: If you’re wondering what the Song sisters are up to here’s the the skinny. Naree is helping the up-n-coming superstars at the Leadbetter Academy and Aree has been suffering with a lingering malady and may seek a medical exemption for this season.


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