Ginn Open

April 20, 2008

I’ll be flying back to LA tomorrow to pick up my car and start heading for Tulsa. No reports from Miami will be available unless some of my compadres send along a tidbit or two.

This is not a good sign: The down turn in the economy may be hitting our sponsor pretty hard. Rumor has it there was a meeting earlier this week concerning the Ginn Tribute to be held in Charleston. To cut costs, Ginn offered to forfeit the purse money and forego the event but was convinced otherwise. In gambler lingo, they were “pot committed” so it made sense not to cancel.

Also, another piece of the puzzle that is difficult to comprehend is Ginn’s willingness to move the Orlando event to major status if things don’t fall into place once McDonald’s departs the scene. Somehow this doesn’t make much sense. We’ll see what shakes out after a little time passes.


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