Hobe, Sweet Hobe

April 3, 2009

With threatening weather predicted for my route of travel, I left Mobile early but couldn’t avoid it all. Thirty miles short of Tallahassee, torrential rains impeded my progress but only for a short time. It got so dark I had to change my GPS to night colors to cut down the glare.

Rick has graciously offered his abode in Hobe Sound Fl for refuge till our trip to Morelia. I arrived about 8 PM yesterday.

That must have hurt! Karen Stupples underwent an emergency appendectomy and obviously could not tee it up in the Kraft/Nabisco.

The great escape: Col. Hogan has finally broken loose from the grasp of Stalag 13 and is now a free man. Happened at the end of the week in Phoenix.

On the cheap: There isn’t a grandstand behind the 17th tee because of budget cuts. The clubhouse is not available for spectator dining because the players are there due to the removal of the hospitality tent and a clubhouse pass is only useful for using the bathrooms.

You’re good! Didn’t take long for someone to find out it was Portland John who was let go by Katherine Hull but how about a Korean superstar that had her coach on the bag yesterday? Could have been just a one day thing but who knows?

FYI: Was watching the coverage of the flooding in Fargo on The Weather Channel last night and they mentioned the government’s website regarding the National Flood Insurance Program. Just type in your address and you will receive a risk assessment and estimated premium costs. Check out FloodSmart.gov.

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