Kraft/Nabisco Championship-Round Three-2009

April 5, 2009

Empty seats in the grandstand on the eighteenth at our first Major? What a shame! I remember when they were the most cherished and filled up early in the morning. I didn’t see the entire telecast but wonder if they showed a wide angle view or just close-ups?

Don’t you just love corporate America? Lost all my American Airline miles (over 36,000) due to inactivity. Now I have to jump through a number of hoops to get them back. Think I’ll opt for their credit card and receive 25,000 extra miles after I purchase $750 worth of stuff. I’ll cancel before the yearly fee activates for sure. The kicker is that I have to receive a bunch of promotional emails for three months then it’s up to me to ask for reinstatement. It’s not automatic. They got me by the short hairs!

Sign of the times: Took a drive to Panera Bread for breakfast today and to use their Internet. Sunday morning and there were plenty of empty seats. Maybe they thought the LPGA was playing here. Just kidding! Sort of.

Blasts from the past: Out of the blue, I touched base with two tour loopers -who escaped the LPGA grind many years ago- the last few days. “Little Rick” and “Speedway” gave me a ring and it was great to hear from both. Not to be left out, or he will complain again, “Chocolate Chip” also checked in on my drive back east. 😀

Should be interesting: In an effort to save on expenses, I’ll be traveling to Morelia with Rick via a more circuitous route than most. We’ll fly from Miami to Mexico City than go overland by bus. No chickens on the roof with this coach, it’s operated by ETN and are luxury versions. Even some players are opting for this mode of transport. It’s a four hour trip but then again, the S.S. Minnow went on a “three hour tour” and was gone for years. Wonder why I thought of that?

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