That Didn’t Take Long

April 12, 2009

Picked up Taylor Leon for Morelia.

Looking back: During the last round of Nabisco, the final threesome was put “on the clock” on the sixteenth since they were out of position. The announcer stated that they should be given a little slack for being in the last group which is clearly an idiotic utterance. How much golf does this moron have to cover to realize the slow play rule is no different than any other? You don’t bend them for the privileged. Also, when C.K. was interviewed concerning being timed on the ninth, she couldn’t understand why since they were on the tee and the group in front was on the green. If you read the rule, they were clearly out of position. The definition is as follows.

-“Out of Position”: Each player is responsible for maintaining her group’s position on the course in relation to the field.  A group in considered “out of position” if they: 1) reach any position on the course as much as a starting interval behind the preceding group, b) have not left the tee of a par 4 before the preceding group has holed out, or c) have not reached the spot where their second shots have come to rest on a par 5 before the preceding group has holed out. Note:  A reachable par 5 may be treated as a par.-

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