Safe and Sound

April 16, 2009

Arrived in Morelia at 4 PM via the ETN bus from Mexico City. Four hours for 335 pesos. A couple movies were shown but the astounding part was that they provided wireless Internet all the way. Unfortunately, my battery died shortly into the journey.

Obama was was scheduled to arrive in Mexico City a couple hours after us but Marine One was already waiting. It was only a few yards away as we went though Immigration and the temptation to take a snapshot was almost unbearable but the thought of getting a full anal search from the Federales deterred my itchy trigger finger.

The hills are alive … well, not alive, more like ablaze. Plenty dry here. One of the mountains is afire and looks like an erupting volcano. Fighting it with water drops from helicopters.

This Bud’s for you! Anheuser-Busch has extended its long-standing sponsorship with the LPGA to the Duramed Futures Tour. Think I’ll celebrate with a cerveza or two.

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