Corona Championship-Pro-Am Day

April 22, 2009

A few hours of practice and our day was done.

Houston, we have a problem: More like a problem in Houston. Many players flew through there on the way to Morelia via Continental but it’s only a regional jet on the small size. Clubs and bags were left behind and were supposed to be put on the next day’s flight. Even having Elite status doesn’t seem to help as Allison Fouch discovered. Some players who were scheduled to play in the pro-am still didn’t have their sticks as of today. Stacy P. and Laura Davies are two notables that found themselves in that predicament.

To be fare, Continental was not the only culprit. The United flight out of Chicago lost a few also.

Not in the mood: Contracted a case of the squirts. As I responded to Nature’s call in the men’s locker room, “My Girl” was being piped in through the numerous speakers. The opening verse is “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.” but somehow, I just wasn’t feelin’ the love.

FYI: Regina Plasencia is only fourteen years old. The only reason I mention it is that she was one of the qualifiers.

No wonder I’m striking out: As we sat in the hotel lobby telling stories and people watching yesterday evening, a couple veteran players strolled though and kiddingly asked if we were trying to pick up chicks.  “What’s your best pick-up line?” one of them queried and all I could come up with was “You look like my mother.”

Now, the rest of the story: I mentioned that during the last round of the Nabisco, one of the announcers opined that the final group should not be put on the clock. I just heard that when CBS found out, they were pleading to the LPGA rules officials over the radio not to time them because the broadcast was forty minutes ahead of schedule. Maybe that’s why that bozo uttered such buffoonery.

All there is to know: The LPGA, and or tournament, makes an effort in keeping us abreast of all that is important but sometimes, we have to add a little info regarding the basic necessities.


Bring plenty of pesos amigos.

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