Corona Championship-Round One

April 23, 2009

Not a good day on the home front. Came in with a +4.

Very cool! Our caddie bibs were adorned with an integrated facsimile of the native flag of our player’s home country. I was the only Yank in the group.

Can you hear me now? One of our playing partners, Na On Min, sniped her tee ball under the bridge on eight, the par five, so we all went to help. Never found the little bugger but I did find a cell phone. Had to be the property of one the local caddies cause no self-respecting member of this club would go hunting pellets in that crap.

It’s about time! The remaining clubs and luggage finally arrived last night, via Mexico City, and trucked to Morelia. One grateful looper, Jeff Steffler to be exact, was one of the fortunate but his joy was all for naught. Since he was not staying at the player’s hotel (the Holiday Inn), a short taxi ride was necessary to retrieve his valuables. It all went as planned except for the part about him forgetting to take his luggage out of the trunk upon his return! The driver went back to the Holiday Inn and refused to come back because of the traffic. Had to wait till this morning for delivery. DOH!

I can do this job: The forecast was for a 20% chance of rain yesterday. Maybe there is a conversion factor like dollars to pesos, because a viscous thunderstorm hit yesterday afternoon terminating the pro-am before completion.

New math? More like no math. Our scorer gave up after nine holes trying to figure out what to put on our scoring standard.

What was I thinking? Futbol match? Sure. I was the first to sign up. Loved going to the one a couple of years ago. It was a fantastic experience. But wait. Seems I didn’t understand. It wasn’t to watch but to play! A soccer match with players and caddies participating was being organized for Saturday. Looks like I’m going to be a scratch.

What was he thinking? Mazda has procured some Latino “eye candy” to provide shade on the range with their sun umbrellas. One lovely specimen offered her services to Tom Konapacki but he shooed her away like a fly attempting to land on his nachos especial! Take a gander of the one on the left and tell me if his choice was correct or was he suffering temporary blindness from the Morelia Sun?


(Insert you own caption here)

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