Corona Championship-Round Two

April 24, 2009

One under today but fell short of making the cut.

Think pink: A bottle of Pepto stemmed the tide.

Kudos: About fifty Canadians  and Americans traveled from Lake Chapala to volunteer for this event. Located just outside of Guadalajara, it’s  home to approximately 20,000 expatriates who have settled down in that part of the world. It’s a three hour trip but worth it they say. Part of the goodies they receive for the effort are two rounds at Tres Marias but one gentleman wonder if it would be worth it after seeing this difficult track. I just told him to bring plenty of balls and beer.

Oh my! Heard a rumor about the loss of Corning. Hope it isn’t true but if it is, someone should be tarred, feathered and fired.

I feel fine but … There’s a bug going around that’s offing the citizens of Mexico City.

-In Mexico City, a crowded metropolis of 20 million people, soldiers handed out surgical masks and the government warned people to avoid close physical contact and sharing food. Finnish rock band The Rasmus canceled a Mexico City concert and the Mexican Football Federation said two weekend soccer matches would be played with no spectators present as a precaution.- Here’s the full story.

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