Corona Championship-Round Three

April 25, 2009

Looks like a horse race tomorrow.

It’s who you know: Across from the Hotel Posada Vista Bella, lies a little mom ‘n pop taco taco place that’s frequented by the caddies and other guests who stay there. The other night it looked like all hell was breaking loose as a truck load of policia, toting sawed off shotguns and automatic weapons, flooded the place. Seems some of Lorena’s people came over for a bite and they were just the security detail.

More on Corning: -Benjamin added that volunteer participation and tournament attendance have decreased over the past few years – factors that also contributed to the tournament being unsustainable.-

That was gleaned from the Corning Leader regarding the demise of the Corning Classic. Gee, I wonder why one of the longest running tournaments, held in a quaint little town in upstate NY, that has supported the LPGA so fervently, is loosing interest. Is it the new look from abroad that has soured their endorsement? Would be an interesting study. The entire article is worth your consideration. By the way, the purse is 1.5 million this year. What if the LPGA accepted a substantial temporary decrease of a few hundred thousand or even down to a million? Would that be enough of a transfusion to keep the patient alive? It may be time to swallow some pride and play some golf. Just a thought.

Stick around awhile: AeroMexico put a major crimp in the early departure plans of many this morning. On the flight here, an oxygen mask was used for a passenger and had to be fixed before departing Morelia. Just about everyone missed their connection in Mexico City. By the way, a mass of surgical masks adorn the masses at MEX due to the flue virus I mentioned in yesterday’s post. May be taking a run to the pharmacia for one myself. If this had happened a week or two ago, I wonder if we would have played at all?

See ya mañana: One player who took ill, decided to fly out this afternoon but was rebuffed at the airport for not arriving three hours early. Has to take the 5:45 AM flight tomorrow.

Note to Sam: Your name rhymes with SPAM so guess where your comments will go? I just love having editorial control.

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