Corona Championship-Round Four

April 26, 2009

Took the bus once more to Mexico City without a hitch. We all look like bank robbers waiting to pull the next heist.

This is why … I scratched my name of the list of participants in the caddie/player soccer match for good reason. An injury could sideline you for quite a while and with our schedule, you can’t afford to have many weeks off. Lorena’s caddie found out the hard way. Heard he broke his foot and will be out six weeks. Her coach will be on the bag today.

That was close! A few of us dined at Chili’s yesterday and after Ralph Scarinzi paid his tab, he stuck around for another fifteen minutes. As he readied to depart, he reached for his wallet but it was nowhere to be found. He swore he left it on the bar but it was gone. Panic set in as we all searched for it but to no avail. Resigned to the fact it was stolen, he was about to head back to the hotel when a sheepish grin replaced the dour appearance of a man who looked as if he lost his best friend. He discovered his wallet was not lost after all. It had slipped through a hole in his pocket and lodged farther down his trouser leg.

Do-over: On the par three fourteenth tee yesterday, Morgan Pressel took the obligatory practice swing and happened to be just a bit too close to her ball. She made contact and sent it careening fifty yards to the right into a hazard. No worries, under the rules in didn’t count.

Be there! A reminder to all loopers who will be in Williamsburg. Monday at 4 PM is the annual caddie par 3 tournament and $10,000 hole-in-one contest.

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