Escaped Just In Time

April 29, 2009

Mexico City just banned restaurant service to eat-in patrons. Take-out only is permitted.

Brad, who worked for Kris Tamulis in Morelia, headed for San Luis Potosi Mexico to work the Canadian Tour event. They decided not to cancel but special precautions will be followed. This was found in an article from

-A Canadian Tour golf event will take place as scheduled this week, though the San Luis Potosi Open will be closed to fans and local caddies. “We are taking every precaution with our players at San Luis Potosi and will watch the situation closely,” said tour commissioner Richard Janes, who was in Mexico all last week. Those precautions include the use of bottled water only, hand sanitizer, the availability of medical practitioners, and the recommendation players stay at the club and host La Loma Resort and not travel into the town of San Luis Potosi.-

The final two stops in Mexico have been postponed however.

UPDATE: The Canadian Tour event has been postponed.

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