CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Two

My player is Stephanie Louden.

Hit it better but still no weekend play for us.

Natures perfect food? Not for out here. Looking for a convenient snack to stash in the golf bag, Steph happened upon a snack bar in the locker room chocked full of an assortment of nuts and seeds. It seemed the perfect substitute for the usual sugar laden cereal bars but closer scrutiny found it not as desirable as first thought. Hemp seeds were also included and, given the strict drug policy on tour, not a wise choice. They were removed and replaced with something more nutritionally empty.

In case you haven’t heard: The Jamie Farr was signed for another year but with a substantial cut in the purse. Only fifteen more agreements to pen and we’ll be on easy street. 😉

Contemplating a move? Why not Canada eh? Everything is provided by the Government “free of charge” and now they’re even on the the upswing in job growth, albeit part-time. Really not much of a story but hey, I wanted something local.

I’m, so sexy in my … do-rag? Along with the cowboy hats, belts (adorned with humongous buckles) and bandannas were also given to the players. Danielle Downey brought her goodie-bag to the caddie shack for a little fashion show.

rick bandanna

But Rick, can you make a swan out of it?

One Response to CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Two

  1. Dickie says:

    Watch out for those Poppy Seed muffins. I know a couple of guys who tested positive.

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