Getting Closer

Only one more course left to see as I prepare for the Futures Q-School marathon. Went over to Bridgewater today and had to take a cart. No walkers allowed. Even though we’ve played them all, a second look is necessary.

One remaining: Cindy Lacrosse wins the third Suncoast Prep Series event.

And then there were two? Candidate pool shrinks for LPGA’s top job. Your thoughts?

Eight is not enough: $800,00+ in winnings that is! Another looper – with an Asian boss and daddy calling the shots – bites the dust even though she cashed in big this year. Already lined up a new whipping boy I heard. The focus is on winning and if you don’t produce (and in some cases, even if you do) you’re gone. Ain’t that lovely.

8 Responses to Getting Closer

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    hmmm… looking at the money list and figuring out who axed her caddy.

  2. Rich says:

    There was another story (wished I had the link) that talked about several parties involved in the search still have strong associations with Carolyn Bivens and they may have another “mystery” candidate. From the tone of that story it wasn’t something I wanted to hear since I wanted a clean break from that regime.

  3. Johnny B says:

    Kind of narrows it down with the player earning $800,000+. I won’t mention the name but did they go to Yonsei University?

  4. tom says:

    Just a note….As you know I spent 22 yrars of tour and I enjoyed 20 years of that time.
    them (You all know what happened the last couple of years on tour)
    I just wanted to take the time and THANK YOU for keeping us “Old School Loopers” up to speed on what’s happening on tour these days
    I think you are doing a excellent job for us . and the fans of the LPGA
    Keep up the good work !!!

    Your “Fairway (and sometimes rough)
    Friend, Tommy Grogan
    PS I still can’t find the spelling correction button on the site
    PPS Sorry Lonnie

    • Lonnie says:

      I also think that Larry does an excellent job!

      tom G.
      Spell check should be on your web browser not on the web site. My browser in Mozilla Firefox. It is free and very good. I highly recommend it. But whatever your browser may be, you should have spell check…go to help and search for how to turn it on. It should check every thing that you write (emails etc.) Good Luk!

  5. Alan M says:

    I think they need to get someone with golf industry experience.

  6. Alan M says:

    Interesting talk over on about how some Asian players, and maybe others will play on the Japan Golf tour next year because they’ll have more tournaments and close to a similar overall total purse.

  7. minnesota mike says:

    Sorry Dave, hope you get another good job next season

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