Ricoh British Open – Tuesday

My player is Kris Tamulis.

Arrived at the course around 1:30 yesterday afternoon and received a note to meet Kris on the back nine. She had already teed off taking a handful of sticks which ‘The Nerd’ had to tote together with the fourteen his player Moira Dunn had in the bag. By the time I got situated, borrowed sixty quid from Worth, bought a yardage book and dressed for the potential nasty weather that turned perfect, it was a bit late. To compensate, I started on eighteen, walking the course in reverse order. As I approached the fifteenth fairway, that unmistakable bucket hat, atop the gargantuan noggin of Moira’s looper, alerted my senses that I had found my quarry. We finished the back then continued on.

Today was just practice. A morning and afternoon shotgun pro-am filled the Royal Birkdale links and no play was permitted before or after.

Circuitous travels: Before heading for England, I spent the night at the Hotel Stars, just a stone’s throw from GVA. At 60€, it was the cheapest I could find but worth less than half that I discovered. I bit the bullet but the kicker was the 24€ the b####rd hit me for the cab ride to the airport. I’ll know better next time. This place should be your last resort!

The next hurdle to climb was getting to Southport. The plan was to take the train from Manchester Airport to Southport then another to the course. But luck was on my side this time. Karen Stupples was on the same flight and offered a ride in her rental car which turned out to be a ‘Beemer’ instead of the Ford she had requested. Even though the rate was the same, she figured it may cost her more due to the increased chance of multiple speeding tickets.

Karen was not that familiar with this part of the country so her friend Kay was called upon to guide us along. Karen and Kay seemed like close friends but then again, how close can you really be to your GPS? As it turned out, it was a good thing Kay was navigating. A road closure had us going in one big circle.

We drove in the rain the entire way which meant the early arrivals played the course in the same conditions. Didn’t look like they experienced a fun round. Cleared up for the afternoon groups.

Monday qualifier: Brooky wins by four.

This ain’t the LPGA: The tireless and altruistic volunteer sprit is not to be found on this side of the pond. At least to the extent as in the States. Most folks here get paid for their duties here such as the guy minding the bag room. He closed it at 7:30 yesterday evening (after pulling a thirteen hour shift) leaving some luggage under lock and key til today. Even transportation called it a day at seven. Many players and their assistants were still on the course.

Don’t leave France without it: A luggage service was provided for caddies and players from Evian to Birkdale to avoid toting that extra weight aloft. A couple lorries jammed full with clubs and bags departed Sunday evening and arrived about midday on Monday. Unfortunately, one looper’s passport made the trip with his suitcase. Had to stay another day and get a temporary from the American Embassy.

Sometimes, it’s the little things: That’s how Karen Stupples saw it when she was first off by herself last week. The breakfast offered-up by our benignant host was second to none and she calculated that expedient play would get her another go-around before lunch was served. Made it with time to spare.

More of the same: I was next to the eighteenth green when Shin made her birdie putt to take the lead. Barley got an acknowledgement from the gallery. It was as if she made a par to finish with a seventy-eight. No one wanted her to win. Sorry Seoul Sisters, that’s the reality.

Wow! This is what happens when I take a couple days off. My fingers ache.

And then there was this.

LPGA’s Futures Tour admits Sarah Brown should not have been disqualified for illegal sand wedge

Ladies Golf Union addresses Alexis Thompson issue

Morgan Pressel: Pardon her French

Amy Winehouse plans to take golf lessons

Local millionaire Jim Justice taps golf passion to bring The Greenbrier back to life

BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Crude in the Gulf Huh?

Getting a university degree ‘can slow down dementia’ Back to school for me!

10 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Tuesday

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    I must admit, after reading your trials and tribulations of the caddy life ( missed cuts, travel nightmares, crappy food, bad weather, female gossip, etc) I best leave this romantic notion I have had of trying this caddy stuff to you pros. Having recently retired, I thought it would be a nice thing to try and get into. I think its best I just watch the LPGA on TV. If you ever get the Houston area drop me a note. I have a spare room at my house and good food ( I’m Italian…we like to eat).
    Good luck with your event.

  2. Tom says:

    As you know I caddied on the tour for 22 year, Nancy Lopez, Besty King, Sally Litle etc etc were NOT SPOILED Brats like Morgan Presel. The Tour is in trouble…….This Spoiled Brat owes the tour the dignity that Professional Golf is all about,,,, There is NO excuse for the way she act’s.
    Players like Si Rae Pak ( altho from Korea) are the Class of the LPGA ,If the tour has any b…ls it should levy a heavy fine on this child,,and maybe a suppention,,
    This is unexpectal…This Child Owes her fellow PROFESSIONAL’S a apolizly ( sorry bout the spelling)

    Hopefullly we will have more players like Kris Tamblus, Moria Dunn, Kris Tshceter…Even Michelle Wie,
    Morgan Pressel is a Disgrace to the players who toiled to make the LPGA a great tour example Judy Rankin..

    I will you all the Best

    Tommy G

  3. JT says:

    Tommy G:

    What is your problem with Morgan Pressel? In what way is she a spoiled brat? Because she uttered the f-word when fans were clicking cameras in her face? I don’t understand why your criticism is so harsh.

    Also, speaking of disrespect, at least you could make an attempt to spell the players’ names correctly. You could look up the spelling. THAT is disrespectful.

  4. Lonnie says:

    Tommy G…not sure who JT is, but maybe you two should meet for a grudge match haha

    I have no knowledge about Morgan Pressel…but I can say from VERY personal experience that a few of the stalwart examples of sports(wo)manship and professionalism that you give, left much to be desired when I was either paired with and/or working for them. I will not name names…but they know who they are!

  5. Tom says:

    JT Its obvious that you are not a professional golfer, or professional caddy,
    I don’t mean to disrespect you , or offend you.
    Players like Natalie Gulbus and other’s have a certain respect for there craft.
    It is what it is ask other professional’s what they think about this child….
    Again I did not mean to offend you or anyone else , Just Morgan Pressel.
    I spent a lot of years on tour with a lot of Wonderful people……


  6. Nintai says:

    Always been a fan of Pressel’s and root for her each time she’s in contention (though Paula Creamer is my first choice to win). I was especially happy that Pressel stuck her bunker shot to 6″ or so after the gallery distractions (geeze, cell phones and cameras going off?).

  7. LoJo says:

    Larry…About 6 players who were in the WBO final Qualifier on Monday were listed as DQ. This would have been players such as Il Mi Chung, Angela Park, Hattori, etc.

    Were they really DQ’ed or were they DNS? Seems odd there were so many listed as DQ. Thanks.

  8. downunder says:

    Pressel’s immature histrionics are well known, as are pro golfer’s need to curse at themselves b/c of poor shots…but a pro should NEVER directly curse at nearby fans. Talk about losing fans forever. I have been to many tournaments and there are plenty of fans who have no clue – leave it to your caddy and other fans to police the activity. The whole crowd does not deserve being cursed at by a snotty “i’m so much better than you” attitude.

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