Ricoh British Open – Round Two

My player is Kris Tamulis

Two over today puts us at +5. Just snuck in the cut as the afternoon rain took its toll. As every second ticked away, we got closer until the fives got in. One very veteran looper estimated it was a four shot advantage having the late/early flop. I think he was right on the mark.

Free ride: In fact, it was twenty. That’s how many golf carts were stolen at last year’s Ricoh British Open held in Lytham St. Annes. This year, a keypad has been installed on every one and must be used to start the carts.

You got to know when to hold it … Few and far between port-a-potties have players and caddies alike finding the nearest hideaway in the bushes to do their business. Even if you’re lucky to find one, the pungent aroma will knock your socks off and most don’t even have toilet paper!

Quite alarming: Scenario #1: Earlier in the week, the only restroom that seemed available for our use was the handicapped in the clubhouse. Once when I was using the facilities, a peculiar red cord hung from the ceiling that seemed to have no purpose. Of course, I just had to give it a tug. Oops! That was the ‘call for help’ alarm just in case you couldn’t get off the throne. Must happen all the time cause the guy who came to reset it was moving about as fast as a tortoise in high heels.

Scenario #2: Beep, beep, beep was the first indication something was amiss at our apartment last evening. It was a problem with the alarm system that would should have been fixed by Rick entering the reset code per the posted instructions. NOT! That set off the full fire alarm which woke the entire building! It eventually subsided but that beeping continued all night. I thought all the commotion was just a dream so I never left my bed.

And then there was this.

History of Royal Birkdale and Women’s British Open


6 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Round Two

  1. Lonnie says:

    Your misspelling of THRONE had me chuckling to myself as I thought of all the funny lines concerning: “THROWN from the THRONE”

    signed…retired in the woods (of Oregon) with nothing better to do

  2. Ozz says:

    Good job Larry….just go low for the next 2 days.

  3. Rich says:

    Tseng leading sure isn’t something that will cause people to follow the LPGA. She might be a great person (I sure don’t know) but she is so bland (no personality, no style, etc.) that she doesn’t help the LPGA (in the USA anyhow) at all.

    Geez, I sure hope that knee high sock look disappears soon.

  4. heddwyn says:

    I’m told the Jasmine Tree is the best Chinese in town. It’s on the main drag, kind of opposite the Bold Hotel but left of. If that makes sense. Trying it myself tomorrow.

    • heddwyn says:

      Sorry, not on the main drag, down the side street, opp the Bold. I think it’s called Union Street. Hope you find it, unless you’ve been tempted by the Taj Mahal!

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