Ricoh British Open – Round Three

My player is Kris Tamulis.

Four over today. Going for the pins tomorrow. Maybe.

Last in, first out: Seon Hwa Lee birdied the final hole yesterday to earn her a spot on the weekend. Only problem is, she was in the final group, which played til dark, and teed off first this morning. Not much turnaround time.

Another good one: When one veteran bag-toter was asked how does someone get into caddying and the reply was quick and to the point. “The question is, how does someone get out of caddying?”

Slip slidin’ away: Yesterday afternoon was brutally messy which made the decent, from the eighteenth tee down to the fairway, especially treacherous. It’s a dirt path which turns into a mudslide if you’re not careful. One fairway technician tried his best but didn’t negotiate the very end and went for a wicked backward tumble. First his tailbone then the back of his head bounced off the turf. All the stars and a few planets were visible for a time I heard.

That’s what friends are for: One of the caddies was about to throw away his betting ticket thinking it was a loser until his buds convinced him otherwise. He’s now £500 richer.

Pinocchio would be proud: More accusations of an Asian ‘playing loose with the rules’ arose today. Her ball lay in a bunker with very little room behind for a proper backswing. Apparently, her attempt at striking the ball hit the back of the bunker and she never made contact. Claimed it was a practice swing but her playing partner swears it wasn’t. Quite an argument ensued afterward in the clubhouse. No penalty was given. Who was it you may ask? All I could say is, nobody doesn’t like her.

4 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Round Three

  1. Tom says:

    I ,
    noriced that Natalie Gulbis DNS Have you heard anything? Hope she is OK

    Tommy G

  2. Putter says:

    Her back again.

  3. NewFan says:

    If the ball was in a bunker and she hit the back of the bunker during a legitimate practice swing, wouldn’t that be a penalty for grounding the club in a bunker? Or did she hit the grass outside the bunker on the downswing?

    • lifeontour says:

      If it was a practice swing, no penalty as long as the club does not touch the sand. The story was that she attempted to strike the ball but hit the bunker, stopping her swing. It’s not a penalty but it was a clear attempt at a stroke and should be treated as such.

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