Ricoh British Open – Round Four

My player is Kris Tamulis.

When we birdied the last yesterday to put us at +9, I told Kris the goal for tomorrow was to keep it out of double digits. We did with a splendid three under par round.

Today was the best all week weather-wise. Took the rain pants off to work on my tan.

Missed opportunity: If you play golf for a living, you know that the front pin positions can be the most challenging and on a course like this, even more so. The decision to land short and run it on or carry it to the green and putt back is part of what golf here is all about. But today’s setup took that decision out of our hands. No front pins were offered in fact, the shortest was a full eighteen paces on. The twelfth (placed smack in the middle of a knob) and the seventeenth (just on the top shelf) were the most difficult. Outside of those two, the pin positions were quite mundane.

See ya! The tenth hole has a plethora of similar yardage marks along the right side of the fairway and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to miscalculate the distance. Our playing partner, Eunjung Yi, must have done just that and flew her approach onto the middle of the eleventh tee! It was a good twenty yards past the pin.When Kris and I finally noticed where it was, “At least she has a perfect lie” was the best I could come up with. Not bad actually.

Fancy meeting you here: Rick ‘The Nerd’ stopped for a potty break at the TV compound while playing the fourteenth. When he returned to fetch his clubs, a gentleman wondered what was up and asked if he was off to play a little golf. It was commentator Peter Alliss.

Keeping in touch: Twitter can be a very useful and surprising conduit at times. When I flew in with Karen Stupples last Monday, she tweeted that everyone at Heathrow seemed to be in a grumpy mood. Within minutes, a reply from the airport ‘head twit’ asked what could they do to help. “Put in a professional golfer’s lounge” was the reply. Just can’t see that happening. By the way, Karen is pretty good in the TV booth.

And then there was this.

Mandarin woman pursues career on LPGA Tour

New golf coach eager to lead the Cougars

2 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Round Four

  1. Lonnie says:

    The end of the the tournament was great television drama. I didn’t mind that another Asian won because of that drama. Had it been two Asians battling it out…I would have been outside weeding the garden.

    It is really hard for me to tell them (the Asians) apart. When I count how many Asians in the top 20 (etc.) I always include C. Kim as an Asian. I know she was born in the USofA, but I also know her father, Man…and there she was in all her glory, spraying champagne on the winner (Asian)

    Please tell Shin’s caddie (?) not to lean on the pin when he is on the putting surface…makes divots for the following groups.

    Congratulations to my old buddy…Jason H. He and I played Hillside many moons ago.

  2. Ozz says:

    Good job in the fnal round, that jumped you up the Leaderboard. Safe travels back to the USA.

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