Avnet Classic – Wednesday

My Player Is Moira Dunn

Put in some practice between the pro-am flights and added a new driver and three metal to the bag. Didn’t check the three metal but the driver is one Juli Inkster rejected out west. It’s A Taylor Burner 8.5.

The range is obviously shared with the amateurs today and finding an open spot was aided by one of the volunteers. A call of “I have a couple slots at the end.” could have been misinterpreted slightly given his southern drawl. Both Moira and I thought it sounded more like “sluts” instead of slots.

The predicted storms never materialized. This part of the country remains dry.

Along for the ride: Given the nature of the course, even the pros had buggies in the pro-am.

Trust us, it’ll be fine: The first JLPGA Major of the year will be held next week. Heard that the pro-am will be scrapped and no spectators allowed. The reason? The course is ninety miles from the crippled nuclear power plants. Defending champion Morgan Presell plans to defend.

Quotes of the week: “This is the only game where there are more teachers than players”.  – Caddie Danny Sharp after detailing how one PGA pro went into the crapper with stack and tilt. The other was a response from one looper to another after the following query by the putting green. “How long are you going to stand there watching your player leave six foot uphill putts six inches short?” “That’s why I’m an alcoholic.” was the retort.

Nice seein’ ya: Former LPGA pro Deb Richard was in the house the last couple days working on her charity.

On the other side of the bag: Danielle Downey is looping for Sarah Kemp this week. She did not retain her LPGA status which makes her eligible to tote the sack.

Then there was this:

Arnold Palmer to play in Quail Hollow pro-am

Creamer tees it up at Augusta.

Blair O’Neal, Morgan Pressel, Sara Brown try on Mardi Gras duds

Eagle Companies to Sponsor LPGA Futures Tour Tournament in Richmond

Keeping tourney in town is in Kerr’s best interests – With June 9-12 marking the city’s last LPGA event with State Farm on the label, Kerr is ready to talk to any potential new sponsors willing to listen.-


One Response to Avnet Classic – Wednesday

  1. cougar says:

    You left a little early today. Light rain started around 4:30, and shortly afterward, the pro-am group with a couple of LPGA employees called it quits, and came in to dry out. Later, there were a few short downpours.

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