Fallen Oak – The Brothers Deux

It’s been dead here the last three days. No one was playing which means no loopers looping. I was about to call it a day early but Vince snagged a twosome for me just as I was about to leave. Turned out to be brothers with LPGA ties, so to speak. One had played a couple rounds with JoAnne Carner twenty-five years ago and the other’s wife is one of the six new board  members of The LPGA Foundation. We teed off the back to avoid being jammed up by a couple foursomes and toured the course in about three hours.

While warming up, one of the brother’s Bobby Jones metal woods snapped at the neck. Needed that stick three-four times during the round.

On the air: With all that free time, I started listening to Unbroken from Audible.com. Absolutely riveting! Seven straight hours without a break yesterday.

Back in the saddle: Didn’t take long for A.J. Eathorne to find another loop after parting ways with Kris Blanks. She’ll be toting the sack for Brittany Lincicome starting next week. Read all about it here.

Then there was this:

LPGA is working on deal in Valley

Madison’s Steinhauer embarks on course changeSteinhauer called the past few months “a fog.” After her mom died, she immersed herself into preparing for the LPGA Tour by practicing hard every day. –

Survey finds local business owners more optimisticSangamon County business owners are in a better mood compared with last fall. –

Pressure makes you do funny things"You can’t steady your putter because your hands can’t stop shaking. Your legs jiggle and your vision is so blurred that you can’t see the damn hole, not to mention that you feel like puking and falling over,"

Former LPGA Corning Classic official David Goff dies


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