Fallen Oak – A Bloody Mess

Blood oozing at an alarming rate from his finger, Hugo (not his real name) rolled into the parking lot with hopes of stemming the tide and still make his 8 AM loop. It was an errant slip of a knife during breakfast preparation which had us scavenging bandages from the clubhouse upon his arrival. We patched it the best we could using three layers of Johnson & Johnson’s finest and with time to spare, Hugo went to meet his employers just outside the locker-room door. He had worked for them the day before and his aid was once again requested . During a slow week like this, it was comforting to know you have a job in advance and money in the bank, so to speak. But it was not to be. One player decided to opt out of Hugo’s assistance. Now, along with a throbbing bloody finger, Hugo would be nursing a “No work for you!” kick in the groin.

After sitting around for a couple hours, a single came in looking for a caddie. Since Hugo got nixed out of what should have been a sure thing, it was decided that he take what may be the only loop remaining for the day. Only one problem. Hugo did not have his own transportation. He carefully calculated the time he would be finishing and decided to forgo the few extra bucks for the option of an early exit. I got the job instead.

Mr. M was a retired Detroit police officer and his first time to Fallen Oak. Once we warmed-up to each other, we talked golf in general, the LPGA, politics, the recovery of fallen athletes and anything else that popped up. Since his neck of the woods has had such a dismal winter – his home course delaying their opening by three weeks – Mr. M’s rustiness was evident. Didn’t hit it all that bad but adjusting to linoleum-like putting surfaces is always a challenge. Again, we flew around the course in about three hours despite all the chitchat between shots.

I planned a stop by the kitchen for lunch before leaving but they were swamped with orders from the dining room. Not wishing to inject myself into the situation with a quest for a free meal, I chose to stop at Popeye’s Fried Chicken on the way home instead. They had a special going and I stocked up with a ten piece pack. Should last me a few days. Finger-lickin’ good is what that is.

Then there was this:

LPGA veteran back on the course and battling MS – Like anybody else, the day Heather Drew learned she had multiple sclerosis was devastating. –

Gravesite monument for Blasberg unveiled

Elvis Presley of golf laid to rest in Spain

Hillsdale hosts LPGA event in August – La Canadienne was effectively the first Canadian Women’s Open, and Bourassa remains the only Canadian to win an LPGA Tour event on her native soil –


12 Responses to Fallen Oak – A Bloody Mess

  1. Tommy G says:

    Hey Larry,
    Looking at the Charter Flights” they don’t seem like sucha great deal.
    Remember when we had a Charter from Willimgton to Vancover then Vancover to Indy.. I think it cost us something like !00.00 each way.
    We also had some great entertainment…. Dickie Martin making his statemant re the state of the LPGA and (Forget his name but can see his face) This looper set a record for suspension… I believe he got 2 weeks off from being drunk on the 1st flight then got 4 more weeks for being REALLY DRUNK on the return…… “Those were the day’s my friend”

  2. jrothboca says:

    Did anyone see the Handicap sticker on Tigers courtesy car?..hmmmm…just wondering. Tom, the charter from Vancouver was priceless, unfortunately these charters these days are big bucks, but convenient..why else would you want to get into Springfield On a sunday night!

  3. Tommy G says:

    Well Said!!!

  4. scraper says:

    the caddy’s name was “billy bob” taylor who got weeks off from the charter. he is or was a beauty.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      Billy Bob’s arrival at Indy airport was spent passed out on the bagage belt and circling round and round endlessly. Today, airport security would approach him with a robot!!
      Billy Bob’s caddie suspension in Indy was spent working for Donna Caponi’s ex setting up the tournament. The mid week newspaper had a photo of Billy Bob pounding in a rope stake..while smoking a cig in front of a sign “No Smoking due to fire danger from severe drought”!!
      That last Indy was Terry Jo’s win I think.
      Is Indy also home to the real “Shadow” Creek?

      • lifeontour says:

        It was Toledo Danno.

      • Book'em Danno says:

        As I recall, no caddies moved to get Billy Bob off the baggage belt. I guess we were going to come back the next day to retrieve “lost” luggage.
        In the end , I think it was Dot Germain and Heather Drew who dragged him onto the caddie bus for transport to the caddie motel in Indy.

  5. jrothboca says:

    if i remember correctly, didn’t Dick Martin have a few cocktails on the vancouver charter and get in trouble for his referencing of certain players..lol..of course the players had a few cocktails of their own to make the situation worse..ahh those were the days!!

  6. Heather Drew says:

    Shannon F also got suspended after the Vancouver charter. How do I know…he was working for me. You guys might remember his pirate look about half way through the trip :). I miss that guy.

  7. tom thorpe says:

    i made the shadow creek sign,my first year on tour. i think when we got to vancouver we had the bus stop at the liquor store.I miss those days.

  8. J. Steffler says:

    That liquor store stop was classic. The look on the bus drivers face when we finally convinced him to stop was great. I bet he still tells that story!

  9. Chuck P. says:

    I have to chime in here because I was on that flight from Wilmington, DE to Vancouver, BC. I remember “Billy Bob” on all fours, looking for his false teeth. I also remember stopping half way to re-fuel, we all went into the airport bar and with only one bartender and 200 thirsty players and caddies, Mitzy Edge and Sherri S. jumped behind the bar and started pouring drinks for everyone. Somehow, I dont think alot of those drinks were paid for.

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