Fallen Oak – Strike Four

Empty once more but the next few days look promising. Finished that meatball sub for lunch. Just as good as the first time around but a tad more crunchy.

Then there was this:

Official Pro-Am at the Sybase Match Play Championship has been cancelled. Too much rain.

LPGA seeking its next ‘it’ player – Who’s your pick?

LPGA golfers pay visit to offer patients hope

A special day for Annika’s family: Will comes home

Klein resigns as SDSU women’s golf coach


2 Responses to Fallen Oak – Strike Four

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Lincicome never had the drive. A few years back, her father stated in an interview that their goal for her golf career was to make money and have a nice young retirement. She even said that again in this article. She’s making enough cash not to worry and stress out about being #1.

  2. Tommy G says:

    I kinda agree with Frank.
    You may not like Wie but she, and her parents, surley have the”Drive”.
    I think once she is out of school and can focus full time she will really take off.
    She still needs to learn how to putt (Dont’ we all)

    good luck in AC


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