ShopRite Classic – The Early Bird…

My Player Is Birdie Kim

Drove in from Chad’s on Sunday. Over nine hours on the road but Atlas Shrugged made it seem much shorter. Checked-in to the Comfort Inn and planned to look for work early the next morning.

Spent all day yesterday hanging by the the caddie area. The parking lot was full of Nationwide loopers doing the same thing as me. I heard one particular player is actively recruiting from the Nationwide. Speculation is that she’s doing it to weed out the LPGA veterans and undercut the salary structure. If so, it’s working. Looked like some of them landed work or had it lined-up before arriving. Plenty of new faces signed-up in the caddie shack. I struck out and left in the early afternoon.

Today, I arrived early once more. It didn’t take long to get an offer from a player looking for a caddie but it was just for the day. I nixed that, explaining that is was a job for the week I was after. Five minutes later, she rang me up and offered the job for the entire week. It was Birdie Kim. I had worked for her two consecutive weeks back in 05 or at least that’s what she said. I knew we had teamed-up in the past but all the years just run together in my mind.

We went right out to beat the rush and the heat playing by our lonesome. It was around ninety yesterday and the thought of finishing by noon was a pleasant one.

We found the course in fine condition. Lush fairways and fast greens. A bunch of bucks were invested getting this track back to it’s original layout.

Se Ri and J Y Pak joined us at the turn. We finished within the desired time frame and put on the feedbag in player hospitality. Basically cold cuts and salad but it was still good eats. The ice cream was delish! No complaints here.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course… The no-see-ums were horrendous Monday morning. The wind, which seems to be a constant companion here and helps keep them at bay, did not pickup til late. Bug spray was at a premium but one looper (Jaybird) took the extra step of acquiring his own special remedy after hearing one of the locals suggest Premium Marigold Spray. Upon closer scrutiny , this magic potion seems to extol some unique qualities. “Natural botanical spray to moisturize the coat and enhance shine. Repels dirt and dust while promoting a healthy coat.” Turns out this stuff is for horses! Time for a new nickname Jay. How about Mr. Ed?

4 Responses to ShopRite Classic – The Early Bird…

  1. jrothboca says:

    ok, call me we already have a wilbur on tour and one is enough! turns out the stuff doesn’t do the job but I did chase after some golf balls and get a few hairballs and a few caddies were telling me to run out in traffic,,,nice guys huh

  2. hound dog says:

    Thanks to your blog archives, I found that Birdie has a good memory. You looped for her at the ’05 Office Depot and Longs, about three months after she won the U.S. Open. Good luck this week!

  3. Cougar says:

    I knew I saw you with her in Auburn. I forgot about Los Angeles.

  4. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    I worked for Ms. Kim in her first two LPGA events (Tucson and Phoenix ’04) David Ledbetter gave her the moniker “Birdie” thinking it would set her apart from the rest of the “Kims”…I refused to call her “Birdie” and called her by her given name “Ju” those two weeks.

    (Maybe that’s why I wasn’t offered a “contract extension” by her father…haha)

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