ShopRite Classic – Three & Out

My Player Is Birdie Kim

The plan was to play nine following the last group after they turned but it took them 3:35 to do that so we played only three and called it a day. We’re first out on Friday so an early nine tomorrow made more sense. If you think playing after the pro-am is only for players of lesser stature, think again. Paula Creamer was in front of us.

My roommate and I hit the board walk yesterday and grabbed a slice for dinner. After a busy weekend, only a few fruitcakes were there to accompany us but it was still fine for people-watching.

Dodged a bullet: Almost. Just as I parked in the caddie lot, which parallels the first hole, a ball landed just ten feet off my bow. When I returned ready to leave for the day, the windshield was intact but someone scraped my rear bumper. A line of white paint marked their path.

They call her… Tiffany Joh may have earned herself a nickname, albeit temporary. While playing the dogleg left tenth hole, during yesterday’s practice round, she lined up her approach but it was at the eleventh green. When told by her caddie that it was 110 to the front, she questioned his calculations and said “It doesn’t look that far.”  How about “Wrong Way” for her new moniker?

Quote of the week: We followed Stephanie Sherlock in yesterday’s practice round. Being a rookie on a course where the short game is paramount, she was taking plenty of time chipping and putting, having us wait in the fairway behind her. On the second hole, we took note of this fact and Birdie remarked “Like a Korean”. Before you send in your derisive comments, I think it was meant as a compliment. Practice, practice, practice.

Temperatures should linger in the 90s, causing golf course workers and beach patrols to sweat – No mention of caddies.

Great wall of red tape stymies LPGA in China This was supposed to kept on the QT for as long as possible but someone always blabs. It wasn’t me folks. I just wonder how they’re going to put together a domestic even in such a short time if they need be? Maybe they saw this coming or the promise of a replacement event is just more smoke and mirrors. This would be a fly in the ointment for players and caddies who have already made their flight arrangements for the Portland-Montreal trip.


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