ShopRite Classic – Two Early Birds

My Player Is Birdie Kim

We were first off the back nine before the pro-am. Done by breakfast.

A match made in heaven? Or hell? It all depends. One player/caddie combo no one expected to see, had some wondering how long the twain shall stay together. When asked, the player responded thusly. “Two weeks or until I kill him”. This also qualifies for quote of the week.

They all look alike? Not really. Just ask Pat Hurst. When leaving the chipping area the other day, the volunteer shuttle driver called her Christina.

Fancy that: I’m working for Birdie and my roommate for Maria Hernandez. Birdie and Maria are staying together in private housing.

Eternal optimism: As I mentioned in a previous post, many Nationwide caddies are toting this week and some expect to be here long term. One was asked what the length of his employ was and responded “The rest of the year". Out here, that may be just a matter of hours! Had a guy stay with us in Hawaii a few years back and he had similar expectations. After one week, he was off the radar. Wonder if he ever made it back to the mainland?

Don’t go there: Plenty of work was afforded to the mounds of fescue that dot the course and give it that links look. Heard they totally dug them up and sodded ‘em over. If you hit one in the junk, you’ll be lucky to find it let alone play it.

shoprite fescue

No Rescue From The Fescue

Then there was this:

ShopRite LPGA Classic provides a reunion for some tour players

China’s golf course ban, late-night TV broadcast: LPGA can’t catch a break

Can a 6-handicap man beat an LPGA player?

LPGA plans international expansion amidst strong opposition

Colorado Women’s Open field depleted

Elizabeth (Janangelo) Caron Loses In Playoff At Connecticut Women’s Open  – Say it ain’t so Liz!


6 Responses to ShopRite Classic – Two Early Birds

  1. Tommy G says:

    Any idea’s or rumor’s about where the US based Tourney that would replace China would be.
    Good luck with Birdie this week


  2. Cougar says:

    I checked the fescue in places, and it is very thick. A few trampled areas are not bad, and you should be able to find a misplaced shot. However, it is best to stay away from the bigger clumps.

    Two amateur groups did not show up in the pm, so Katie Futcher and Marcy Hart played together as a twosome. After five holes, Katie walked in, but Marcy lasted for nine holes. She wanted to get a little practice in the gusting wind. It almost knocked Diana D’Alessio off the 10th tee.

  3. Tom Grogan says:

    2 over par is a double 3 over par is triple..What is 6 over par (A Record)

    Have a Nice Day


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