ShopRite Classic – Round Two

My Player Is Birdie Kim

Fifteen shots better than yesterday but not good enough. I’ll be on the road to Springfield before most of have your morning coffee.

FYI – Jane Park was DQ’d for not signing her card yesterday.

Then there was this:

Kevin Na really is the world’s slowest golfer


5 Responses to ShopRite Classic – Round Two

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    1. Play in both the PGA and LPGA need significant increase in speed. Penalties need to be severe. Players should not be allowed to back off once they take their stance (except possibly for some noise issue). Caddies should not be allowed to check a players alignment on putts or other shots. Almost everything you do in life has to be done in a timely manner, golf should not be an exception.

    2. There has to be a good 20+ players on the LPGA who simply should not be there. Too many are not remotely competitive.

    3. I’m guessing the lack of a consistent schedule has to be hurting many of the players since it seems like many are extremely inconsistent. Understandably when weeks go by w/o any events.

    Maybe they need to simply take the top 60 or 80 players from last year, and make the rest qualify based on money this year and recent results. They need to do something to liven things up and weed out a bunch of the players.

    Except for the speed issue I personally enjoy watching the ladies play but obviously I’m in a small minority.

    I guess the schedule next year isn’t looking any better at this time, is it?

    Good (or Better) Luck next week.

    • jrothboca says:

      How can you kick any one off any tour when they’ve earned the right to be there thru q-school? Should they kick John Daly off the pga tour because he makes 200k and misses his card by 600k…well thats a bad example there. The Lpga does not need all limited field events, the same people would play every year and there would be no hope for up and comers..even Lexi Thompson will have to go to q-school. Michelle Wie did and so has every other hall of famer who ever played out here. The fact is, men are stronger and better players.

  2. Ozz says:

    I’m concerned that 2 Aussie PGA players were named as slow players. The trouble is that slow play from tour golf has filtered down to the club level in Oz, where normal weekly club competitions (Stableford and Par events) are taking 5 plus hours to play for a mere $40 voucher. Can you imagine how long stroke play takes – get the clock out!

  3. Big Jim says:


    Just curious why all the high scores on Friday, including your 85? Was it weather, the course set up, bad caddying 🙂 or just poor play? I’ve been to that course/tourney before and don’t recall it being that overly difficult.

    Hoping for better luck and scores the next time around…

    Keep them in the short grass,

    Big Jim

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