State Farm Classic – Monday

My Player Is Moira Dunn

Laundry, haircut and nine holes before the qualifier completed my day.

What to do, what to do? Over 900 miles on the road yesterday but with Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden as my copilots (characters in Atlas Shrugged), only my butt suffered the aftermath upon finishing. As I approached Columbus OH though, my Sansa Clip ran out of juice and with many more miles ahead, I needed to find a solution to the possibility of many hours of dead air. I just happened to be one exit from the Best Buy where I purchased my laptop last year so I stopped in to see what they had. Didn’t take long to find a USB charger made for the cigarette lighter outlet. I was back on the road in minutes. Serenity now. Serenity now.

Then there was this:

Betsy King makes Women’s Open by placing 2nd in qualifier

Golf Rule on Moving Ball Soon Off the Books – Waggle Room

Laws of Golf Make Game Even More Fun

An $8000 Segway Will Revolutionize Your Golf Game


4 Responses to State Farm Classic – Monday

  1. Mark says:

    Glad you got some work there buddy…

  2. Tommy G says:

    Did you get together with Royce?
    Good luck this week! Is Moria in the US Open?


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