State Farm Classic – Round One

My Player Is Moira Dunn

Four under today. I’d rather be red, than dead. Or is that vice versa? Nerd smile

A special day… was spoiled by the reckless and immature behavior of a contingent of European caddies who participated in yesterday’s annual State Farm Looper Loop (2010 post if you wish to see what the event is about). One guy deliberately went against the traffic tempting a head-on collision. Another rammed a car that was being righted off the guardrail by a staff member risking injury to his person. But the most egregious and cowardly act came when one of them threw beer at an American contestant during the race. The driver exited the car and confronted the hooligans demanding to know who did it. All parties involved played deaf and dumb. If this is the best you got guys, please deny us the displeasure of your company next time.

I usually post a picture of the winner but he and his friends don’t deserve the recognition.

It just so happens that a meeting concerning more perks/activities for the caddies was held this week. Perfect timing.

Where have all the players gone… Heard they went through the entire alternate list to fill the field. One player, who was ready to tee it up in the Cincinnati Futures event, got the call last night and hopped in her car and and took to the road. She didn’t fare very well today. Very understandable. Never seen the course and no experienced caddie to guide her around.

The fix was in? No, just the luck of the draw. The hubby of Kate Peters (State Farm Classic Executive Director) got to play with Michelle Wie in the pro-am.

A special day today: It happened once again. Another year gone by and I’m swamped with a multitude of birthday wishes and gifts. A cake, new laser ( I’m counting it as a b’day present) and the best of all, a red four for Moira’s total. Thanks to all for your birthday salutations.

Birthday cake The unique cake below was on it’s way to being devoured when I departed this afternoon. It was half chocolate and half yellow but the singularity of the greeting is what makes it special. “Birthday” was spelled “Birthdzy” and it looks as if I have just a single friend in Springfield. Oh well.

my birthday cake 2011

A Sam’s Cub Discount Special?

A special day tomorrow: Time to honor our brave men and women in uniform.

Friday Notice


20 Responses to State Farm Classic – Round One

  1. Maurice L. Young says:

    Happy birthday

  2. Mike Troublefield says:

    Hey Larry,

    I think the correct term is, if it ain’t red it’s dead. It was and maybe is still being used in some neighorhoods. That would be as some call it the hood. If it ain’t red it’s dead. The color of the skin, light skin, yellow, bright skin brother or sister. Closer to white, farther from black. Being better than because one isn’t blue black, dark skin, chocolate. I like chocolate, peacan tan. I like pecans to.
    So, if it ain’t red it’s dead. That’s what I get from that grouping of words. Happy Birthday Larry, and there is another saying. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.
    I was also up for a new nickname this past week, I didn’t like it and told the fellow no, that name isn’t appropiate only because he probably doesn’t know the definition of the word he used. I like Pecan, it’s a little less abrasive as maybe Chocolate. Chocolate was not the nickname the person came up with, I was using it as an example. I like Country Club also, it was given to me by Graphite. He was the first of the3 regular black guys on the LPGA to leave the tour when I came aboard. I knew him on tour maybe 3 to 4 years. Jim Dent came up with the story to give me my moniker. Jim is a brown skinned PGA touring professional golfer. Cowboy, left about 5 years ago, he’s my mentor.
    Motion left me about 2 years ago, Motion is a shade darker than Cowboy. You know what color Graphite is. I’M THE LAST BLACK STANDING, I’M PECAN TAN.

    • Ozz says:

      Mike, the great thing about you guy’s you all had a sense of humor. You took the joke or comment in the spirit it was meant. There was nothing derogatory or racist in the comments.

      It reminds of a comment from Mardi Lunn to Graphite. I believe we were on the west coast, maybe LA area and it was a very early start that the sun had not even appeared on the horizon. Lighting was very poor so everything was pretty dark. Mardi shouted the following to Graphite “Smile Graphite so I can see you”:

      Mike, hope you are doing well and still throwing that piece of grass up on your first tee.


    • lifeontour says:

      Jerry is right. It is from the 50s. Refers to the threat of Communism. “Better dead than red.” or something like that. It was a stretch using it but we were under par. That’s why I used the smiley face.

  3. JERRY says:

    trouble – actual comment from the 50’s – better dead then red.. and you are one of the whiteest black dudes i know… ok, vanilla flavored pecan on a butter roll. Cowboy up in Bandon getting rained on, and well, i wouldnt worry about the color, its about the blood… and we are all red, until we are dead..
    As for LArry’s comments about the Euro caddies… with the shit economy here in the US = why do the players keep hiring these idiots, and how do they keep getting the Visa’s to work here.. Maybe because the tour is a total of 11 weeks in US and what fine young american wants to get shit-canned every other week cause his player thinks she can’t be at fault…Now i know why i am a country club caddie, at least the firing only lasts one day…. Good Luck Country Club Mike, and Pecans for everyone

    Jerry S

  4. Tommy G says:

    I think a “Backround Check” would weed out a lot of these superstars!!!

    Good Luck


  5. Jim E says:

    It may be time for the DHS to start looking a this “contingent of European caddies” . This unAmerican behavior is unacceptable.

    • lifeontour says:

      More unprofessional;l than un-American Jim but I know what you mean. No place for it out here or anywhere else.

  6. Ozz says:

    Larry, does the Caddie Committee still exist, that this can be dealt through that avenue?

  7. Brett says:

    After reading the interesting comments, it seems to me that the evening was a serious race meeting! Was there any tickets released for the event? When i last went karting with my friends we all had a really good laugh, we bumped and shoved and did everything we could to win the race….why are you all taking it so serious? Was anyone injured in the slightest? blinded by the water thrown (allegedly) thrown by the EUROPEANS? People, i suggest when you next have your annual night out or whatever it is, just go to the movies where you can all sit in silence, nobody will get hurt, called or blinded…..

    I have a friend who is a caddy of which i WAS really envious of as he told me everyone got on great, had a good time together, a great crack and a good job all round…after reading your comments it seems its an US and THEM which is wrong in any shape or form. In my opinion, get busy living or get busy dying…enjoy life for the time you are here!!!!


    An ex caddy wannabe!!!

    ps – My cousin works for the American Immigration Office and im sure he wouldnt let anybody into the country who was not meant to be here….Are you guys not playing over in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world anytime soon?

    enough said…


    • lifeontour says:

      Are you serious? Does it take an injury to get your attention? The possibility was clear. Throwing water at a friend is all in good fun but not at someone who isn’t and it wasn’t alleged.

      Your ps is laughable. Sorry Brett, you dropped the ball on this one.

  8. JERRY says:

    what a joke – the only ones who care ar the ones on the big money bags, the rest of them are total drunks

  9. Scott says:

    @ JERRY – First comment is very well said i have to say, not sure about all the other american caddies being drunks if they are not on big money bags, i really believe everyone out here takes there job serious. but hey everyone has their opinion!

    @ LIFEONTOUR – I think you might be slightly getting ahead of yourself here,

    1. If i recall it was not just european caddies going against traffic. am i correct?
    2. No one involved in the races or spectators would risk injury on another, i can assure you of that.
    3. Please dont ‘group us’ that just because we are from Europe that we are all in one group, and that we are against american caddies as we are not

    please come up to me and speak to me if there are any issues that come up in your meeting concerning the ‘european caddies’ as u like to state us. id love to hear all about it!

    • lifeontour says:

      Didn’t see anyone else going against traffic but I didn’t stay to the very end. Would like to know who it was.
      Risking injury may not be intentional. But you know how things can get out of hand especially when alcohol is involved.
      Didn’t say you were against Americans. Never heard that. It just so happens that the one targeted with the water (not beer as I understood) was an American but it is a good point. I’ll take the hit one that one.
      What meeting? None planned that I know of.

  10. Scott says:

    sorry i mean bretts’s 1st comment not jerrys, my bad

  11. Scott says:

    this is your comment=

    ”It just so happens that a meeting concerning more perks/activities for the caddies was held this week. Perfect timing”

    no meeting? i sensed somehow there was by reading that part

    • lifeontour says:

      The meeting was not concerning the European caddies. It was a meeting regarding caddie activities in general from what I was told. I did not take part.

  12. Mark Wallington says:


    I have just read your post regarding the caddie go-karting night during the State Farm Classic Event.

    I feel the need to set the record straight on a few of your pathetic, cowardly and unjustified comments!!

    Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is mark wallington, I actually ended up walking away with the looper loop trophy, the use of the mercedes and the parking spot. I stop short of calling myself the winner because i like to think we was all winners on the night. Apart from yourself and another very angry person who had a few drips of water sprayed on him, everybody else I spoke to had a great time. After receiving my award, I went straight over to the boys who worked on the track to express my gratitude for their help! They was fantastic and said they had really enjoyed the evening, had a great laugh and wished us all the best of luck for the week. This was backed up by the guy who had arranged the evening…he also gave us free tokens for the baseball court! Hardly acts and comments from people who did not enjoy the evening and did not want us back!!!!

    Secondly, i will ask you politely through the form of this website for a printed apology for classing me as a hooligan! I am lived at your comment! I am not, never have been or never will be a hooligan! I am a hard working, clean living person who enjoys life and enjoys having fun! I don’t like to gossip, moan and generally cause disruption amongst people who have to work together week in, week out!

    One more thing larry, please don’t ever publish a photo of me on this website like u said you normally do for the winners of the looper loop, I really do not want to be associated with it!!!!

    Please feel free to speak to me on the range next time you see me, I have lots more things I would like to clear up but my finger is aching!!!

    Mark Wallington

    • lifeontour says:

      First of all, there were more than two of us with that opinion. The reason I was upset is that events of a similar nature have been canceled for less in the past. You weren’t out here at that time so you have no historical perspective, which is understandable. Caddies screw up and we all pay.

      Your behavior was uncalled for. Just because the staff and the guy running the event thought it was funny, doesn’t make it so.
      The target of the water didn’t seem to get the fun-loving spirit of which it was intended Mark. When he demanded to know who it was, why didn’t you own up and offer your own apology? What if your actions have caused a fight? Don’t you see where this might have led?

      I did not know who threw thew water at the time it happened so the term “hooligan” was directed at the action and not the person. I don’t know you but a couple caddies I’ve talked to say you’re a great guy so I won’t assume otherwise.

      BTW: Regarding the reckless driving (not by you), if one of the staff would have been injured (car being rammed while he was helping it get off the rail) I think they would have thought different about it being such a fun night.

      • jrothboca says:

        Just my 2 cents here…Larry went out of his way several years ago to help set this event up. This year Buffalo Wildwings stepped up with the food which was a nice addition. Lots of fun was had, but there is a fine line between having fun and being reckless. There are always several “caddies” who screw things up and then the thing gets cancelled..its happened before and will happen again somewhere. The one car # 8 was far superrior and may have won every race so guys in the back who couldn’t win slowed down to form a roadblock..don’t think anyone had a problem with that as even Larry was one of those blockers. It wasn’t an “american” vs Euros mentality or event..who ever got out of hand knows it or was too immmature to understand what “could” have happened. The guys working there were happy with us, because they were tipped fairly well…and the head guy always gives the tokens to the batting wasn’t like he rewarded anyone..its what he normally does…hopefully we will be back in springfield and have another! Also, to Brett, if your cousin works for Immigration..i’m sure you will tell him that all foreign caddies tell immigration that they are here to work when they enter the USA and not on vacation for the 6 months they are allowed to be here..which seems to be what foreign caddies tell immigration when they come over or they wouldn’t be working here..end of story.

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