Manual Labor Sucks!

Yesterday, I helped Chad and his dad start building a deck for a friend of theirs in Lewistown OH, about sixty mile away. We tore down the existing structure first, dug post holes (32 inches deep to get below the frost line), set the posts in concrete and unloaded the wood from the trailer. In less than four hours, it felt like I had just toted the bag for thirty-six holes. We were rewarded with a feast fit for three kings, of which we qualified in my opinion.  Papa Payne said grace before we chowed down. That was nice.

On the way back to Columbus, our drive-time was extended my a wicked t-storm and compounded by a truck hauling a load that was too tall for one of the bridges that cross perpendicular to Rte. 33. We were directly behind when the escort police car stopped traffic. The truck moved to the far left which sloped slightly lower but it wasn’t adequate. Luckily, it was equipped with some type of hydraulic flat-bed which was lowered to ground level. That gave it just enough room but scraped the highway as it cleared the bridge. Smooth sailing after that.

Chad’s other house guest was waiting when we returned. He had sliced his finger open to the bone working on a project and needed transport to the emergency care facility. A few stiches was all that was necessary.

Having just used muscles that have been laying dormant for quite a while, I popped four ibuprofen when we got back as a precautionary measure. This morning I only had a minor backache which remained but a short time. Must be in better shape than I thought.

We’re all heading to Rochester tomorrow morning. The course is closed to play but we can walk it after noon. There are a couple changes which you can read about at the link below.

Then there was this:

Changes at Locust Hill

Still not too many left-handed golfers


3 Responses to Manual Labor Sucks!

  1. Ozz says:


    don’t like to be rude, but after reading about the changes made at Locust Hill, can the younger players shape shots or do they just play one way.


  2. The Answer says:

    What kind of pay did you get for helping out the payne gang. Minimum wage is 7.25.

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