LPGA Championship – Tuesday

My Player Is Moira Dunn

There’s a a bit of a twist this week in the schedule. The official pro-m was today and a practice round tomorrow.

We played eight holes after the the last pro-am group made the turn then headed for dinner. No Donna Wanna Bowl for me this year.

Saw Michelle Wie going off the eighteenth tee when we were on the tenth green. David Leadbetter was in tow giving her a lesson. Unless he was playing in that group, that is a no-no. The Commissioner has made it clear that the pro-am is about the sponsor and the amateurs in your group. It is not supposed to be a practice round or time for a lesson. You think anything will be done about it?

Today is also the Summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Would an animal sacrifice be appropriate? Does Wegmans sell live goats?

Yesterday, we were DFL in the Monday pro-am off the first tee. Started thirty minutes late and finished as the sun morphed into a glowing orange ball. I keeping with it’s Major status, Locust Hill features narrow fairways and deep rough. It played firm but the forecast of rain will alter that.

The modification on sixteen (moving the tee back and to the right) makes for an interesting hole. Either lay back and have a much longer shot than in the past or cut it around the oak guarding the right side. Double-cross and you get stuck behind another big tree.

A huge surprise was on the second hole. It’s a short par four with a pond twenty yards in front of the green. Everyone lays up off the tee which leaves a short iron in but on the weekend (at least one and maybe both days), they’ll be faced with an option not previously offered. The front tee will be used making the hole about ninety yards shorter giving the long knockers a  chance to drive the green. I just don’t see much advantage of doing that but I’m not playing either.

The lot was full of veteran loopers looking for a bag this week. Some were on a two week trial with their player which had expired and the term of employment not renewed. Really puts the caddie in a bind not knowing if they’ll have a job coming into a major. That sucks.

A definitive decision has been made regarding caddies shagging putts. Someone always seems to be in the way and given the postage stamp dimensions of the practice green this week, it makes even more sense. The new rule states that no shagging is allowed between 8am-4pm. A $500 fine to the player has been added as an incentive for their obedience.

Didn’t watch any Open coverage Sunday. No loss.

Then there was this:

Donald Trump: I want Sean Connery to open my golf course

June 19, 2011: Golf on this day….

Creamer says to expect LPGA answer to Golf Boys

Steak Made from Human Excrement:  Just in time for your 4th of July barbeque. How about a little pus pudding for dessert?


3 Responses to LPGA Championship – Tuesday

  1. Matt says:

    Disgusting, these special treatments for princess Wie Wie.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    She needs all the help she can get.

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