LPGA Championship – Round Two

My Player Is Moira Dunn

ARRRRGH! Bogeyed the last hole to miss it by one. That sucks! Moira deserves better. I had an extra sandwich (or two) when done to drown my sorrows. Maybe I need to start drinking?

Looks like I may have been incorrect regarding a coach inside the ropes during the pro-am. Upon further review, it seems to be OK as long as it does not “adversely affect the player’s interaction with pro-am partners”. The problem with that is, who decides if it adversely affects them? The player of course (at least in their mind). I still remember very clearly the directive by the Commissioner regarding pro-ams. The sponsor and pro-am partners are the priority. And around and around we go.


10 Responses to LPGA Championship – Round Two

  1. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    I watched the telecast yesterday and Judy Rankin commented that Yani Tseng’s second shot yardage on 14 was 119 and that was the longest she had on any par four.

    It seems like for a major championship, they should lengthen the course…play the tips if there is any other tees back there. (unless Yani is scary long…like Laura D. used to be)

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Its playing a touch over 6500 yards, if I recall. Its a ‘second shot’ course ( small greens with frontal slopes), yet the long hitters are eating it up.

    • lifeontour says:

      The rain was the key. Earlier in the week the greens were rocks. Boarding unfair. Would have been an entirely different ballgame. Locust Hill really is not a Major course.

    • D says:

      the course was plenty long with the amount of rain there was. Most of the par 5’s weren’t reachable and this course had some of the smallest greens i’ve ever seen and FWY’s as narrow as 15 yards on several holes. If you dare to hit driver and hit it in the fwy, you are in GREAT shape on this course. if you had the afternoon/early draw where the rough was wet almost the entire time, you were screwed.

    • jrothboca says:

      just so you know, they played the back tips on 14 of the holes, in fact on number 4(par 5) the back of the 2nd tee was used. The rough was long but spotty and not as punishing as last year. If you take Tseng and Kerr out of the last 2 events at Locust Hill…2 or 3 under was a high finish so don’t downgrade the course due to ydg. Early in the week, the greens were rock hard but the rain took care of that fyi

      • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

        Softness/firmness of the greens can be controlled (somewhat) by the superintendent. Of course, there is no controlling the rain which would soften the greens. However, if the green are “rock hard” that means the fairways are also and that equals longer tee shots and hitting even more wedges into the par fours. Don’t get me wrong…Locust Hill can be a very challenging course. There are some very tight driving holes. But it did not create drama for your television audience (ie. ME).
        OK, the tee was moved up on #2 to create at least one hole of risk and reward…but that hole would never appear on weekend viewing. The fact that you were already playing (nearly) the tips…might give credibility to my feeling that this is not a Major Track…never was, never will be. just saying (respectfully)

  2. Ozz says:

    The greens with their speed, 2 tiered and unusual slopes on some is the courses only defence, except for a couple of strategically placed hazards. But once the greens become soft, you play target golf and the course is at the mercy of the player(s).

  3. D says:

    I was there. The FWY’s were NOT firm and fast. It absolutely rained cats and dogs during the rain delay thursday. If Yani Tsengs longest par 4 approach was truly only 120 yards she was hitting all drivers and hitting them all on the money. She played early on thursday tho so perhaps she reaped the benefit then but lets face it, she played great all week. Too many people think length is the only thing that makes a course tough. Sorry guys, I couldn’t believe how many fwys were cut to 15 yards wide and these greens were so small that you probably legitimately couldn’t find 4 good pin positions on most of them. I’d love to know the stats on the avg sq footage of these greens. I was following Sara Brown’s group and they had to play 7 holes after the rain delay. The rough was soaked, if you hit into it, you were dead. Then they had the early morning draw and it rained for the first few holes, not incredibly hard but hard enough to again soak that rough down for the entire front 9.
    If I were going to fault the course for anything being easy, I would say it would be that the par 3’s are kinda straight forward. There was one that is a bit of an uphill blind shot (#7 I believe) but other than that , the rest were fairly benign. All in all this was my 2nd lpga event I’ve been too and I have nothing but the utmost respect for these ladies! They really can play and many of them are truly hustling just trying to survive as opposed to the mens game where #125 on the money list is still making $500,000 a year.

    • jrothboca says:

      you weren’t there monday and tuesday, The course was set up to be firm and fast and it was until late wednesday. Had the fairways stayed firm, yes it would have played shorter but your drives would have run out into the rough so I guess the longer hitters would have hit more 3 woods, but the longer hitters would still have had an advantage by being able to stop shorter irons then the average hitter. Mother nature wittled the field down to a select few players to win…again.

    • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

      OK…the greens ARE small…but if you are hitting wedges into them…it takes that defense away from the course. There are really only slight doglegs at Locust Hill, so hitting it through the fairway is not really a fear. The Par 5’s are all straight, and you either have a “green light” yardage or layup with no real danger around the greens.

      I can not remember a year when it DIDN”T rain sometime during the tournament in Rochester. So to count on “hard and fast” to create a “Major Challenge” seems misplaced…just saying

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