Stimulate Me

The following is a response to a post last week regarding the lack of stimulating conversation in the caddie tent.

‘Stimulation conversation’?!?  OY VEY!  Not even a mention of the word/phrase of the day?!?  I’m hurt!

Let me stimulate your readers a bit:

On day two the word of the day was: SPIFFY from Country Club Mike….He just couldn’t control his emotions and using a word like SPIFFY, just stirred my mental juices to share that goodie with the rest of the caddies.

On day three, the word/phrase of the day was AH SHI* from Bully… He couldn’t believe that the weather report included rain, AGAIN!

On day four, the word/phrase of the day was: SHOOT A LITTLE RED, GET A LITTLE GREEN from yours truly.  It cracked a smile from most of the caddies there and that is just one of my daily tasks as Caddie Master.  If I can make you guys/gals laugh a bit, I’ve done my part to try to make it easier for you to do your job.  Don’t kid yourself, a Caddie’s job is not all glory and prestige.  It is rough, grueling and in most cases, thankless. You guys/gals earn every penny you make.  I am honored to offer you all I can to make your stay in Rochester a fun stop each and every year.

See you on the turn…
Caddie Master
WEGMANS LPGA Championship

Then there was this:

Nerd smile Just had my eyes checked. A stronger bifocal is required but my long vision actually got better. My present glasses were too strong! They call it second sight. That explains the ability to read the greens better at Fallen Oak when I removed my specs. Now, if only my hair would grow back.

WTF! Gas was only $3.16 here when I arrived. Jumped to $3.45 in less than 24 hours.Crying face

Saw a picture of the Pope using an iPad. Just wondering, is there a “sign of the cross” gesture?

Is this the world’s smelliest man? The farm worker who has not had a wash in 37 years

One Response to Stimulate Me

  1. Cougar says:

    It is people like Ralph that make it all worthwhile. He does a fantastic job!

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