A Fifth Major? How About A Sixth?

Just as I reported a couple weeks ago, the Evian Masters will become a Major in 2013 according to a tweet by Beth Ann Baldry of GolfWeek Magazine. Is five Majors in the future of the LPGA? Maybe not. I understand that the Kraft/Nabisco Championship – the first Major of the season – is in the final year of their contract. Will it go the way of the dodo to make room for Evian? Then again, it may be a take-it-or-leave-it proposition from Evian. They wanted to be a major for some time and upping the purse certainly supports their position.

Next year, Evian and the British Open will not be played back-to-back due to the Olympics held in London but that will probably be a permanent arrangement now.

BTW, Q-School is considered the fifth Major among us LPGA aficionados so it’s just another reason to drop Kraft. Winking smile

Exclusive: Evian will be LPGA’s 5th major in ’13 – Exclusive? Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile …the LPGA could possibly designate a major in Asia, too. Disappointed smile WTF!

Then there was this:

Solheim Cup coming to Colorado Golf Club in 2013

Beach horror after holidaymaker has eye pecked out by seabird he was trying to save‘My eye was hanging out and I had to put it back in on the beach. …’ – Just wondering, at what point did he think it might be a good idea to let go?


8 Responses to A Fifth Major? How About A Sixth?

  1. Book'em Danno says:

    Is Mike Mcgetrick still at Colorado Golf Club (Solheim 2013)? Or near Sara Anne in South Carolina near her new Converse College coaching job?
    Let’s give those new Koreans credit. Great golf AND pretty good English for not being here very long.

  2. Book'em Danno says:

    If LPGA goes to FIVE majors like the Senior Tour, then results will be the same… i.e. Nobody give’s a damn, except US Open. Show some class LPGA. If you want another major, then drop a current major. Copying Senior Tour is sure fire trip to a whole lot of Advil and oblivion. With Palmer, Nicklaus, and Trevino gone, their next step is adding a sixth major!

  3. icecatatseoulsisters says:

    The major I don’t get is the LPGA Championship. Aside from six teaching pros, the reigning US Women’s Amateur Champion…oh, yeah, and Lexi Thompson…they basically invited everyone on the Money List who has a pulse before going to the Priority List to round out the 150 player field. In addition, Locust Hill is a wonderful and popular venue…for a regular tour stop. There is only so much they could do to make it close to a major championship-worthy track, even leaving aside the clinical dissections performed by Cristie last year and Yani this year. If as rumored Kraft/Nabisco won’t be back after next year, then bring the LPGA Championship with a new sponsor out to Mission Hills, adopt the current qualification criteria of the KNC along with the six T&CP champions and maintain two traditions. The Wegmans would revert back to a regular Tour stop, but it’s such a popular place for the players that it wouldn’t be so bad.


    • Kraft is signed thru 2014..If wegmans hadn’t taken over the LPGA champ, that event would have been lost( rmember how they were looking for financial aid 3 yrs ago..hmm)..and i’m guessing Evian said to make it a major or they would just be a LET event. Guess we should have said no to all of them and just had a 9 event season….what would all YOU experts have done? Kraft has ownership of the event so they wouldn’t just bail, they would have to sell the event to a 3rd party so don’t go looking for that event to go on “Hiatus”…lol

  4. j. Bitterman says:

    Does it really matter? Make them all majors! Who really watches and who really cares besides the few that make a living working in this sideshow? Combine this with the womens bowling tour and Pro Soccer league, throw in a few concerts and the pro food eating crazies and maybe we could add another 180 to 250 followers each week. Whoo wee!!!!

    • what a great idea…each week we could have a food eating contest with locals and lpga players..imagine wolfing down hot dogs with one of the asian players..what a concept..they would probably take the leftovers home to cook at the extended stay hotel they are staying at..lol…doubt Natalie would participate though….Bitterman, u are a genious once again..hope you had a safe drive home from CS..

  5. Frank Michaels says:

    Six majors? isn’t that diluting the importance of such an event?

  6. Frank Michaels says:

    I watched all of the US Open ( delays and all) and enjoyed every minute of it. Even Johnny Miller was impressed with the level and quality of play from the leaderboard. Its sad the LPGA is not getting more of a foothold in sport. The playing is great and the woman are starting to look better and better, IMHO.

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