Evian Masters – Wednesday

My Player Is Seul-A Yoon

I was put on the local caddie list by my buddy Flo and was originally assigned to Ran Hong, the player I worked for last year, but she arrived early and took a different looper. OK with me. The main goal was not to come up with a blank so it was mission accomplished. The going rate for a local is €100 so it covers the bills anyway.

Played two practice rounds so far. Some of it in the rain. Looks like it’ll be that way all week with temperatures in the 60s. Papa Yoon is tagging along and making my work a little easier. He’s replacing divots and raking bunkers. Seul-A uses meters but the yardage books come in both measurements so it’s no problem.

Its pro-am day so I have it off. Still went to the course though. The eats are great! Speaking of eats, in the past, breakfast was complimentary but lunch was not. This year, we pay to eat. €20 per day paid in one lump some through Friday or all week. If you make the cut, you have the option to pay for the last two days. The player/caddie lounge does have pastries and espresso though for those who wish to survive on a diet of sugar, fat and caffeine.

Let’s see, seven days @ €20 per day = €140 = $198 x 110 caddies = $21,780. Pretty steep assuming all caddies chose that option which they didn’t. The same goes for player guests but they don’t have the Friday cut-off alternative. I was fortunate to have my player (actually her dad) pick-up the tab otherwise it would have been PB&J all week for me.

I heard a few possible explanations for the change but the best one had a retaliatory aspect attached to it. One of the assistant tournament directors was taking a shower in the caddie locker-room last year and overheard one of the loopers spout a derogatory utterance regarding the event. “This tournament is s–t!” I believe it was. That’ll do it every time. Don’t know what bug he had up his bum but the Evian Masters folks could not be more obliging. A first-class run operation with oodles of French hospitality.

BTW, The food here is unsurpassed and with a pastry selection like you’ve never seen! Self-control is a must or your clothes won’t fit by time you leave.

The good and the bad: Paige Mackenzie is in but Katherine Hull had to withdraw.

Thumbs upMy former roommate Mark has a new hip and on his way to recovery. Already having a knee done, only one more piece to replace and it’ll add fifty more good loopin’ years!

Travel travails:

Confused smileI took off from CMH but before I boarded, two sparrows alit on a seat across from me looking for a handout. All I had were some soy nuts which were too hard for their underpowered beaks to break. A weight problem (hope it wasn’t me) and a switch of runways delayed our departure by an hour which put my connection through Amsterdam in jeopardy. I checked with a customer agent upon debarking and was told I can make it if I ran! I headed for gate B36, which turned out to be the very last one at the other end of the frigging airport, doing my best impression of O. J. in those archaic Hertz commercials (sans jumping any luggage). After some major huffing and puffing, I made it by five minutes but my checked bag didn’t have a prayer. It arrived the next day.

So close but … Brittany Lincicome flew in on Tuesday but the clubs didn’t make it. Direct contact with Iberian Air seemed to go nowhere until she Tweeted them. Soon she received satisfaction or so she thought. “Your bag is in Geneva” was the reply.  But as if this morning, that’s where they remain and not in time for Brittany’s early draw. Saw her coming off seventeen with what she called a “backup” set.

Thumbs downOne of the first things we usually do is to exchange currency but Geneva airport is not the place. You get Swiss francs not Euros. At least two loopers found out the hard way.

Back on the horse: Catriona Matthew and her hubby are staying at the same place they almost met their maker in a fire bombing incident two years ago. It’s close to the course, has a view of the lake and decent rates. They’re just two doors down from us.

Screwed and tattooed! Getting in this event at the last moment does have pitfalls at times. One caddie used a nonrefundable online booking site for a room which indicated it was ten miles away. Figured he could live with that and paid it in full. Turned out to be over twice that far! He found a closer establishment once he arrived and is planning to dispute the charge. Good luck.

Thumbs upRumor has the China event back on the scheduled right after the Solheim Cup but with all the upcoming international travel acquiring a visa in a timely fashion might present a problem.


7 Responses to Evian Masters – Wednesday

  1. Tommy G says:

    Good to hear that you found work..
    The Best thing about Tourney work is you ever know what will happen, As a good looper say “Some has to Win” Stranger things have happened, remenber Lori Kean in Springfield??

    Bes to Luck


  2. Ozz says:

    Pleased you got work after your travels. Papa sounds like he is a good man, hope he stays the same once the tournament begins.
    Have a good week.

    How’s the internet service?


  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Do you guys do this for love, wanderlust, the hobo life, or money? There has to be an easier way to make a living.

  4. Worth Blackwelder says:

    Larry, Sounds like it all worked out for you. I am missing my first evian in ten years. See you at Carnoustie. I have been teaching junior golf clinics here in Central Kentucky, and heat index today was 107. Mallory made a hole in one today in Pro Am futures Tour New Hampshire. I miss all you guys especially the L’Embuscade. ALso eating Spaghetti bolognaise at the Hotel Du France. Have a great week. Worth

  5. Worth Blackwelder says:

    Mistake…..The food at Hotel Continental.

  6. larry, typical LPGA, they have a major announcement about Evian being a major and get upstaged by a caddie firing!! Tiger is killing us still and he’s not even playing…glad u got work. How about scrapper? any bites for him or is he just eating kabobs all week?

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