Evian Masters – Round One

My Player Is Seul-A Yoon

Three over today. No birds. Papa wasn’t pleased. He has “a fire inside” according to Seul-A and refused to eat lunch. Afterwards, it was off to the rock pile for her and the beer garden for me. Two short ones sufficed. I’ll be up before dawn for our 7:11 tee time. Our warm-up starts 1 1/2 hours before.

Seul-A favors a tart, mixed-berry drink when she plays. Took a sip on every hole out of the stainless thermos I had to carry.Winking smile

We played lift clean and place. Don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Storm cloudOne thing is for certain, weathermen suck no matter where you are. A 10% probability of rain turned into 100%! Some groups played every hole in the crap. It was only around  4-5 for us.

Mobile phoneIt’s a high tech world and here is no exception. When entering the chalet (restaurant) our credentials are scanned with smart phone devices to see if entry is permitted. Our name is displayed and we’re given the right to pass or not.

PlateDon’t get me wrong, the food here is great but I’d like to see some meatloaf, smashed taters and apple pie à la mode mode just once.

A fly in the ointment: No practice rounds will be allowed after the pro-am at the British Open as in the past. Since it is played on Tuesday, the players not in the pro-am and having their clubs transported by truck, via the service provided, may not tee it up until Wednesday. The truck arrives 6 PM Monday if it’s on schedule. There is plenty of daylight though so a late nine may be in the offing for many.

Then there was this:

Club renovates for first LPGA Taiwan tourney

Prattville’s Senator Course gets green makeoverAnother big difference… is the renovation and redesign of the fifth hole …

Michelle Wie shoots back


11 Responses to Evian Masters – Round One

  1. Tommy G says:

    Is Michelle using the Hammy Putter

  2. no, she is using the cheeesssy putter..lol…the hammy died a long time ago Tom….

  3. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    Local (LET) caddies are exempt from Rock Pile duty following (Korean) rounds??? What is this World (tour) coming to???

  4. Tommy G says:

    Ask Natalie G I was the Hammy rep on tour

  5. rich (arizona) says:

    I hope that when the Evian is a “major” that the tv coverage improves, especially the announcers. This year is a bit better than the last few but still is lacking. The pinkish/lavender color scheme for the scoreboard (on tv) is painful to look at.

    You probably can’t answer this but why don’t the players, especially the ones with the money, ship the clubs over instead of relying on the airlines? Might cost more but I think Fedex/DHL/etc. would be more reliable.


    • lifeontour says:

      It’s not the airlines. They’re shipped by truck by the guys who do it for the LET. Cheaper and more convenient than taking them with you if you’re willing to wait.

  6. Johnny B says:

    For once it does sound as if Michelle Wie has her priorities straight. Good for her for staying in school. Yes the Nike contract made her life easy compared to most, but I do believe she has set a good example for young people to stay in school.

    • ok, she will get a degree from stanford, maybe it will help her count her sponsor monies..lol….do you really think she lived in a college dorm room and mingled with other students..lol..wonder if her “entourage” went with her to class as you know they are always 5 feet away at all times. With the youth of the LPGA tour, the percentage of players actually attending college in the future will as a guess be less then 20% as most are coming out of the amateur ranks right on tour. Since the tour is 40% asian, we know zero of them attended the equivalent of a US college. Pray that someday Michelle Wie will be able to go to a movie or date without the constant participation by her parents. Hope her parents allow her to growup …

  7. Tommy G says:

    CUTTT MAKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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