Evian Masters – Round Four

July 24, 2011

My Player Is Seul-A Yoon

Shot one under. Not bad for her first time here. We were timed three days in a row but not today. Good thing. I got a cramp in my left calf walking up to the fifth tee. Must be low on potassium. Guess there isn’t any in beer.

It’s on to Carnosutie tonight to work for Moira Dunn. The trip from hell starts when we land in Liverpool. Then it’s a 300+ mile drive to our destination. Luckily we have Julieta’s gps with the Euro maps installed. Could have been ugly but then again, it still, may be. The Nerd is driving!Confused smile

Lexi Thompson will be flying back to Daytona for the first stage qualifier, then back to the UK for the Irish Open and on to Portland for the Safeway. That’s one way to rack up airline miles.

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