Ricoh British Open – Wednesday

My Player is Moira Dunn

The tee sheet was filled with fourballs which precluded any type of reasonable pace of play. Chips and putts from every which way was the order of the day. We played eight holes then cut over to thirteen and joined a threesome.

The weather remains unbelievable. Overcast this morning with very light wind then the sun broke out and it was down right balmy. At least for here. Actually put on sunscreen. Wondering what country I’m in. Tomorrow is another story. Rain expected.

I figure the long par three sixteenth will prove to be one of the toughest. 190 to the front edge with no forward tee. The green is 50 yards deep and slopes off on both sides. There is a front shelf but starting at 17 deep, it slopes away and left. Plenty of balls will not find the putting surface. The 18th is another good one.

GhostThe compass Jeremy was using today was not syncing with what is printed in the yardage book. I checked on Google Earth and the book is correct. Scary.

The group we joined had the player who’s caddie refused to be fired yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it, he was there waiting for her when we finished. They conversed but no fireworks ensued. Good thing.

The player with the missing passport planned to have it sent back to her but the delivery service refused when they found out what it was. He hubby had to take it back himself. At least that’s how the story goes. Don’t know for sure.

Thumbs downNever got the promised picture with the Solheim Cup from last week.

Received this note of passing from “Little Rick”. – You might be one of the few remaining caddies or players who remembers Wild Man Steve. He recently passed away in Tampa. He had been caddying at Old Memorial until this year when his health deteriorated. He was one of the originals who came over to the LPGA tour from the PGA tour in the early 70s. I think he was 68.

Then there was this:

LPGA Announces New Major Event and Accolades for Twin Eagles’ Golf Course Architect Steve Smyers

LPGA Qualifying Tournament – Stage I Second Round Leaderboard – Looks like Lexi is gonna breeze.

4 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Wednesday

  1. Tom says:


    As you know, Lexi has been in a slump since her collapse in the 4th round of the Avnet earlier this year. However, the 68 she shot in the last round of the Evian Masters was an indication she might be coming out of the slump.

    Sure enough it was, she has back to back 66’s at Stage 1.

    The kid is back! 🙂

  2. tom, her scores are good but i would guess the course is set up at about 6000 yds….why else would all these amateurs be shooting such low scores. 150 golfers on one course leads me to believe the lpga moved the tees up to get everyone in. Maybe they are all using “hammy” putters..must be a lot of them on

      • must be some great amateurs, 6389 is from the white lines so subtract 10 yds per hole on avg and you have about 6200 actual…just an estimation of course….almost 80 amateurs paying 1500 for the first stage, thats 225k for the lpga, sounds like a real money maker..lets see, should be same amount at next stage so double the 225k and then 125 to 140 girls at final for anywhere between 1500 and 3000 per….should help the players retirement fund. Hows Destin Tom? sell any Hammys

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