Ricoh British Open – Round Two

July 29, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Disappointment. One over today. Another Major weekend off and I’m coming down with a cold. Sad smile

Saw a caddie reading a putt using more moves than Houdini escaping from a straightjacket. First, he assumed the prone position on the green, belly flat, elbows out and hands shielding the sides of his eyes. Then up on one knee accompanied by three bowling motions with his right hand. Finally, checked his player’s aim while still kneeling. Don’t know who it was. BTW, she missed it.

Karrie and Laura were on the sixteenth green yesterday when the giant TV in the fan village came on, covering their group, and the volume turned up. Hearing every word of the telecast, Karrie was about to putt when the commentator noted that no one made it from there all day. She did. They also reflected on the current standing of Laura at one over par and the dissatisfaction she must be feeling. She turned to the camera and gave what what only be described as a uniquely British gesture.

Thumbs downAt the back of seven tee and thirteen green lie single port-o-lets that seemingly are there specifically for player use but looks are deceiving. They must be a permanent fixture and haven’t been emptied for some time. PEE-WHEW!

Thumbs downNo towel service for the caddies at a Major? Yes Virginia, it’s so. Always been that way. No food chits either for the blokes who were not fortunate enough to have a player guest badge. Had ‘em in the past.

Earlier in the week, a player’s mom, with her daughter in tow, rented a car and it came with a standard shift. After a few hours of driving and getting lost (no gps but an inch thick of printed instructions), they headed back to the airport. Maybe that annoying burning smell (clutch?) had something to do with it also but either way, they hoped to have better luck with an automatic. No way Jose´. Driving on the opposite side of the road was too much of a burden. She eventually gave up and took that one back also.

Then there was this:

CME Group calls tax situation ‘untenable;’ says it may exit state – CME is the new sponsor in Orlando.

US Women’s Open champ Ryu eyes full LPGA season in 2012

Lexi wins going away

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