Ricoh British Open – Round Three & Four

Yani runs away with it.

Disappointing gallery numbers in my opinion. Still empty seats in the grandstand with only a few groups remaining on the course. Read Where is the fan love at Women’s British?

Embarrassed smileMy bad. Caddies do have food in the Caddy Shack, located on the range. Just never made it there myself.

Jmin Kang withdrew due to illness after six holes. Stomach stuff.

Went to the course yesterday for lunch and shop talk. It was down right hot when the sun came out. In the late afternoon, the gang of four (me, Rick, Woody, and Scraper) took the short ride to St. Andrews. The later two did not go to the British in ‘07 so it was a treat for them to see the last couple holes. Took a few pics then strode up the street to the Dunvegan Hotel for dinner. Had the chili nachos and a pint of Guinness. Superb!

More pics on my Picasa album.

A few of the LPGA family was there dining and imbibing just like us but one Canadian looper was in town for a very special reason. He promised his dad that when he passed a way, some of his ashes would mesh with the hollowed grounds of St. Andrews and so, on this day, it was to be. They were cast on the first tee and the Swilken Bridge.


Scraper on Swilken Bridge

Forget Jack and Arnie, Scraper Is “The Man”


A certain player has been battling an ailing knee for awhile but a recent procedure seems to have turned things around. A few injections of Euflexxa has made it solid as a rock.

It’s back to the ICE Palace for me for two weeks.

Then there was this:

Lesser golfers got gongs so why has the establishment snubbed major winner

If you haven’t seen it yet, this may be the best pre-race prayer ever.

10 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Round Three & Four

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    It seems like things are getting worse and not better for the LPGA. I generally watch the tournaments but lately I’ve been deleting the recordings about 1/2 the time without watching them. Yani just doesn’t interest me. The time difference between the west coast and Europe makes it even harder to watch.

    BTW, what happened to Jayai Shin? One moment she was #1 and now she isn’t a factor in most tournaments (no wins this year).

  2. rich, maybe you haven’t paid attention but only one korean( us open and a non lpga member has won this year)…when you set up the BOpen short and the wind doesn’t blow, they rip it up. The Roch LPGA and BOpen were runaways..never good for ratings, maybe Shin will lose her card and have to go back to q…tiger hasn’t won this year and the pga tour is more fun and interesting to watch.

  3. Ozz says:

    There are valid comments at the bottom of the GolfWeek article of “where is the fan love”. To which some hope the Commish will read along with the article, take note and act upon to try and get the LPGA back to where it was. I know there is a lot of hope required.

  4. Cougar says:

    Wonderful pic of Scraper!

  5. scraper says:

    it was great fun to go to st. andrews. i really have an appreciation for the 17th green. the green is impossible, also the dunvegan was cool. had a great time.

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