I’m Back

Spent part of the last night in Carnoustie at the Station Hotel with Margaret (LPGA super-fan from across the pond) and my new Irish friends. They forced me to have a Stella.Winking smile

Flight delayed out of Edinburgh due to a work slow-down by the air traffic controllers. Send them the way of PATCO I say! (President Reagan fired their assess when they went on strike)

They showed Arthur and Secretariat for the movies on my Delta flight to Boston. Never saw either so it helped pass the time. Chicken and rice for lunch. Tough bird. Pizza and ice cream for the late snack.

While I was sitting in Logan, waiting for my connection to CMH, my cold was in full bloom. Sinuses blocked, ears hadn’t popped from the flight out of Amsterdam and head throbbing. The descend into Columbus was painful. Like an ice pick through my ears! Of course, I bet that pleases some people.

Thumbs upGot out of the EU and UK with nary a € or £ in my pocket. A minor goal achieved.

Thumbs upParked for only four bucks a day at the Green Lot at CMH. What a deal.

I’m self-medicating with a Walmart clone of Dayquil now. Feel much better.

Quite a few loopers went to the Irish Open. Hope they send in some updates.

Switched my progressive lenses to regular bifocals. Much happier. Could not get used to the blurred peripheral vision.Hot smile

14 Responses to I’m Back

  1. It still amazes me that Caroline Hedwell who finished 38th at last yrs q school will get a full LPGA card based on her play at Evian and the British..event she got in based on her LET standing. She gets a card without ever playing in a regular LPGA event..sure glad they changed that rule a few yrs back..no offense to her but what about the 70 regular LPGA players who couldn’t get in Evian because they didn’t have a high enough Rolex ranking or had the money to fly over the pond and qualify. Just another Geddes rule, do they even think about the regular rank and file players who have played maybe 8 events this yr?

  2. Margaret says:

    Good to see you in Scotland Larry!

  3. RK says:

    Hedwall also knocked a player out of the CME

  4. Margaret says:

    I always have a few words with Christina’s caddy told him Ireland normally arranges a tour of the Guinness brewery told me I’d made his day!!!

  5. Tommy G says:

    Here’s what I think re the Tiger Sweepstakes….Dustin Johnson’s Looper Joe may be a good choice. I think Tiger will go thru the player (remember how pissed Jake was when Fluff left without Tiger asking?) Joe and Dustin have not been togetether too long so I may be a eaiser change””’

    OF COURSE the !st choice (I heard this thru Marah Cary’s Bodyguard) is ELECTRIC ED!!!!!! What do you think Jay?

  6. ed has a shot, but he can’t root for the Rangers..lol…and he has to provide free limo services for all of tigers new and old girl friends..

  7. Tommy G says:

    Woody is bring you shades to Portland..

    All the Best


  8. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    Yesterday I spoke on the phone to a longtime very seasoned LPGA looper. Naturally the subject of Koreans on Tour came up. When I said that I can’t really identify the various Koreans when I watch on TV…he said: That if all the Koreans on Tour lined up, he would (only) be able to correctly identify 5 or 6.

    “Houston…we have a problem”

  9. Hugh Heffner says:

    I for 1 would like to see more players on the LPGA in halter, or Tube tops. Has there been any discussion about a potential Tube top tuesday proposal that is sweeping the LPGA golf blogs?
    Hugh Heffner

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