This, That and The Other Thing

Tweet from comedian Dennis Miller – For those not familiar with a "bear market," it’s where I look at the worth of my portfolio and then run into the woods and sh*t myself.

Found a Skyline Chili entrée in the freezer and nuked it for lunch the other day. How can anyone rave about that swill? Didn’t even taste like chili. YUK!

Almost over my Scottish cough/cold but not quite. No amount of chicken soup has helped so I’m fighting it with peanut butter.

Facebook is my friend. Jamie Hullett posted this “sign of the times”.

walgreens sign

Is it for the students, parents or teachers?

Then there was this:

Tour bag men rip into ‘idiot’ Williams

With her hometown event looming, Allison Hanna starts to regain trust in her

Kraft split shouldn’t impact local LPGA tournament . . . for now – Back to four Majors after 2014?

Gophers Hire Michele Redman and John Carlson to Lead Golf Programs

LPGA and Mirassou Winery announce three-year partnership renewal

Volunteering has never been so much fun

Priority Shuffle Update – WTF?!?

Finances might be biggest concern for players like Levister

2 Responses to This, That and The Other Thing

  1. Larry, I believe medical extensions don’t last for the entire year. Based on the number of events that person played in a previous year and subtract that number from I believe 12( number of domestic events this yr).gives that player x number of events to get back to where they were on the money list when they applied for the med ext. IF Pak played 3 events, applied for a medical, she would have 9 events this year to get back inside # 80 on money list or she should fall to whereever she was on the money list after the reshuffle. This is just my perception of what the med ext rules are..I may be inaccurate on some of the facts here but not too far off. Please call Heather Daly Donofrio as she handles the

  2. Tommy G says:

    Are you working for Moria in Nikeville??

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