On To Portland

Drove to Rochester in preparation for my flight out west. It’s more than half way to Montreal – our next stop – and I’ll be driving there upon my return. Stayed at the Comfort Inn next to the airport which was uneventful except for the unusual 4 am lobby traffic. My 5:30 flight had me up and about and just in time for the sideshow before my departure. By the looks of the clientele checking-in, yes, I said checking-in, hourly rates would have been more suitable than the rack version. Alcohol laden, hip-hop playing, pants below their butts guys, along with their ladies of the evening or some really tawdry girlfriends, were asking to view a room and see if it conformed to their standards, which had me chuckling. After the inspection and agreeing on the $80 tariff for the room and a $50 deposit for cash payment, they struck a deal and moved in. I pity their neighbors. A rude wake-up call may have been in the offing.

This trip was an all day affair. A last-minute ticket, in an effort to save a few bucks, had me into PDX via PHL and PHX. Sometimes you just have to suck it up in times of austerity. The arrival in Philly was on time but lightning in the area delayed us parking at a gate. For safety reasons, all ground personnel are sheltered until the danger has passed and even though I had three hours to kill, the departure was delayed for the same reason. They couldn’t fuel the plane. In fact, it sounded like we were lucky to take off at all. The switched us to another taxiway cause the one we were on was at a standstill and the departure window was closing fast.. “Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.” That’s all I could think of in our quest to take off.

It was perfect timing in Phoenix when we landed though. My connecting flight was right across the aisle. Just enough time for a wiz then on to Portland. It was like a perfect baton pass in an Olympic relay race.


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