Safeway Classic – Tuesday

My player is Moira Dunn

Yesterday, we played the back nine after the pro-am and finished the rest today. The course is playing longer than last year. Not as much roll.

In an effort to speed up play, the par five 8th has been pushed back about 70 yards to a whopping 562 and the par five 9th has been transformed into a par four but the changes may not have the desired effect the officials are looking for. The tee-ball landing area is now very narrow on eight (OB left and deep rough on both sides) which may result in a few do-overs and pitch-outs.

They will be using two different tees on nine. It’ll either play around 415 or 370. For the big hitters, it’s lay-up off the back tee to stay short of the hazard which extends all the way to the green. This leaves an approach shot of 160+. The sort knockers will be hitting much more club. From the up tee, it’s a lay-up for everyone and a 225 carry over the creek for the truly gutsy. The smart play would be to hit it right into the first fairway off the tee. That takes the water out of play and leaves a short iron to the green but they made it OB right of the cart path. Nine will be the toughest hole this week.

If you arrive at the tournament in a Toyota parking is free. They’re one of the sponsors.

Leading up to the tournament, Comcast has been airing replays of past Safeway Classics. Nice touch and a good way to generate fan interest.

There was a mandatory player meeting at six bells but CK was still hitting balls on the range at that time.

Thumbs upMcDonald’s is offering free small coffee through the 28th of this month so I went to the one down the street this morning to partake in their largesse. It was around 7 am which should have been one of the busiest times of the day but I was the only one there. After nursing my java while watching a bit of ESPN, I then perused the front section of the the Oregonian. Before leaving, I got a refill and through all that time, I was still the only one there. I just had to ask why and the only thing they could come up with was that the locals are late risers.

On the road: Rented a Ford Escape from Budget at a great rate thanks to The Nerd’s constant vigilance hunting down deals on the net. $203 for the week out the door which is unheard of in Portland. It’s not a bad car either. Good visibility all around, nice high sitting position but a bit too much road noise for me along with an annoying squeak in the rear. Speaking of cars, I forgot to mention the Ford Fiesta diesel we rented in the UK for the British Open. Quiet as any gasoline driven machine, no diesel smell and phenomenal mileage. Wonder why this isn’t in the USA? Maybe they can’t figure out how to get the steering wheel on the correct side of the car.

Believe it or not: Jeff Steffler worked for Adam Meyer on the Nationwide Tour when they visited Utah a couple weeks ago. During the pro-am day, they decided to play a few holes on a neighboring course just to check out the distance variances due to the elevation. They hit a hybrid off the first tee then holed the second shot. On the next hole, after hitting the same club from the tee, Adam hit a ball to the green but wasn’t satisfied with the result. He hit another and holed that one also. The next hole was a par three and he only needed one swing. He left with an ace! He promptly followed-up on the par five fourth with a birdie and called it a day. Can’t do much better than that.

Then there was this:

Navistar LPGA Fans Will Watch Free of Charge


One Response to Safeway Classic – Tuesday

  1. Worth says:

    Hey Larry and friends,

    Take time to re-familiarize yourselves with the Americasgolfteam website.There have been a lot of tweaks and improvements.Many positives I am not privy to discuss going on behind the scenes, and interest is quietly growing.

    Hope all my caddero friends are enjoying Portland. My injury that kept me from looping in Scotland has still got me down. I have seen accupuncture dr. 3 chiropractors and now an osteopath yesterday. I feel the osteopath is going to get me out of the woods. Take care of your backs fellas, it is a drag to be down on your back for a month. Miss yas. Enjoy Portland.Caddy well.


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