Safeway Classic – Thursday

My Player is Moira Dunn

We were DFL of the back in the afternoon pro-am but Moira was notified yesterday that the last two groups on both sides did not have to play. They didn’t sell-out the spots. No matter. We played eleven holes anyway. This was a carbon copy of what happened to her last year.

It was Moira’s 40th birthday on the third but a surprise party was held yesterday evening. She has stayed with the same family for the past seventeen years and it was the perfect venue for the celebratory event. We whet are appetites on jalapeno half-poppers and asparagus spears wrapped in salami then dug in to Moira’s favorite, chicken pot pie and a special mac-n-cheese, which were the highlights. Red velvet birthday cake finished it off. Lest not I forget, every possible lubricating fluid on earth (at least it seemed that way) was flowing all night.

Every corner of the house was filled with eclectic memorabilia from the ‘50s. The Marilyn Monroe bathroom and Elvis basement were the most intriguing. A juke box – filled with the best music ever produced – seemed to be in every room. Mike Bunch started a sing-along towards the end and was pretty good remembering the lyrics. What a great time we had.

Embarrassed smilePlayers are getting their photos taken for the media this week and an action photo is an option. I was told Gerina Piller decided on a bunker shot for hers so after everything was ready and the lighting set up, she promptly shanked one right into it and broke the bulb.

It’s nice not paying sales tax. Oregon is one of the few states that don’t have one but I’m sure they makeup for it in other ways. Next week in Montreal, it’ll be a different story. I think there’s a tax on the air you breath.

According to a tweet from Diana D’Alessio, she has a torn labrum and may have surgery next week. Jean Bartholomew will be taking her spot in the field.

Then there was this:

Committee to retain LPGA tourney in the works

Curing the yips


10 Responses to Safeway Classic – Thursday

  1. TheHoff says:

    funny how strong the Canadian dollar and economy is compared to the American one, guess that little bit of tax isn’t all that bad for the folks up North!

    • lifeontour says:

      Just think how high their taxes would be if they had to pay for a military for protection instead of using ours.

  2. Putter says:

    I can’t remember when we used your military for our protection – please supply some details. Canada was in WW1 long before the U.S. and in recent wars have garnered nothing but praise from YOUR military. Nothing against the U.S. but why does everyone south of the border think we’re so dependant on you? Too bad they don’t teach more Canadian history in your schools like we get up here about your history. By the way….we DO pay for military protection up here – to OUR forces.

    On another note – bring the CNCWO back to Alberta – no sales tax here either!

    • lifeontour says:

      It’s called the United Nations. If Canada or any other western country was attacked as we were on 9/11, could they amass a large enough force with all the logistical support to go half way around the world to fight it? That’s all I’m saying.

      • Putter says:

        Yes, I get that and don’t even get me started on the United Nations – luckily you guys (the U.S.) ignores them half the time anyway. I’m “just saying” we DO pay for our military protection, we don’t use yours – you just made it sound like we have no protection whatsoever unless it’s by your armed forces.

  3. don’t worry..if Michele bachman is our next president or even sarah Palin..canada will have alot more US citizens moving there to help pay your taxes…and when will they add another letter to t he canadian alphabet besides EH…

  4. Dickie says:

    Ona personal note. Was this Mike Bunch in the Navy in 1967 -1969?

  5. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    please allow a personal note…

    it was great seeing all my fellow cadero’s yesterday (including “Master Blogger Larry) I began my PTC (professional tour caddie) career working as a local in 1988 for Ms Sue Ertl at Riverside C.C.. I can’t remember if Stan was the caddie master then, but that guy is so gracious and nice… he remembered not only my name (here withheld for security reasons) but also asked about my son.

    My impression yesterday was how young (and beautiful) the players have become. (to me) The LPGA has a very marketable product.

    walked a few holes with one of my favorite players in the pro am. Enjoyed that, but I am in no danger of coming out of “retirement”

    In the words of our favorite (Portland) caddies…”It’s a Mammy Jammy”

  6. darknilas says:

    Paying taxes in Montreal would be the least of your worries, I would avoid any of the local concrete infrastructures like bridges or underpasses thats the real scary stuff. But of course that’s probably a north american attribute.

    • Putter says:

      Heed this advice – it’s no joke. I believe there was a death (or deaths) last year from a bridge falling apart and this year alone, they’ve had two incidents – one a large “slab” falling onto a major road (luckily no cars beneath it) and then one just last week where a large “chunk” of bridge fell on a car injuring one. Not sure what they’re thinking down there – maybe they’re waiting for Alberta to come to the rescue again and send the poor dears more money. Don’t go under ANYTHING concrete in Montreal!

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